Rolled down my window in the drive thru and my front left speaker stopped working.

zanenienow Newbie
Jan 13, 2020
Richfield WI
Yesterday night I finished up putting my new sound system in my car. I was playing with it to find my sweet spot this morning and I went to get some food and as I rolled my window down to order, my speakers just suddenly stopped. I was wondering if I just nicked the wires or should I be more concerned? I don't think it's my amp though because this only happened after I rolled down my window.


these all go to 11
May 8, 2018
5h1th0l3 illinois
Most likely shorted out the amplifier output and it is now in protect... or worse, blew something. Pull all the wires off the terminals and test with a different driver.

If it has no output, you may need to have it serviced, but if all is fine, youll need to pull your door back apart to find a more than likely short and extend the wireing to clear underneath the window sash.

SlugButter Veteran
Nov 5, 2019
I did this in my truck once. Thinking with my butthole when running wires up through the door to the grommet, and shorted them out rolling the window down. Dumbest ******* mistake I ever made, other than the time I hooked up a head unit when I was 15 without unhooking the battery.

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