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  1. Tempe

    COMPLETED Resonant Engineering (RE Audio) HC 15" subwoofer dual 2 ohm

    I'm an OG to this forum from about 20 years ago. I was mostly known on Termpro back in the day, and it's been a while on any forum. If you remember the old RE stuff then you're super cool in my book! I'm selling this Resonant Engineering (RE Audio) HC 15" for $250 plus shipping from 85233. I'll...
  2. R

    New SQ setup, need help

    So I got a new car recently and most of my setup has officially started over. I did keep my amp and subs but that was it. I am coming from two Kicker CompVRs (07cvr124) and I want speakers that will hit lower and retain a much more accurate sound. I only have enough trunk space to (comfortably...
  3. yroc434

    Need help fast

    so im trying to decide whether to go with (2) SA 12D4's or (2) RE Audio *** 12D4's!!!! can some please tell me which is a better sub and which will sound better and which will hit harder!!! Honestly i have never heard either of the to in action but have heard a lot about both!!!!! please help
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  8. Purplehaze-

    Custom built RE 12's

    Item(s) for Sale: Custom "RE" 12's Item(s) Description/Condition: New builds, unused, never seen power. Price: $230 shipped for the pair, (cont.US only) or 130 each shipped. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: These were 15" RE SRX motors, old ones, with the stamped steel frames...
  9. roko

    Crossfire VR404 & Re audio SX 18" WTT

    I have a used but in good condition Crossfire VR404 I also have a 18' RE AUDIO SX but needs recone I hear coil rub.... im looking to trade for a nice 15" sub I can shoot both if the trade is worth it but im trying to trade with someone near me im in SO-CAL Bellflower area off the 91 by the 605
  10. roko

    Re Audio sx 18" (needs recone) WTT

    i have a older re sx 18" sub I got it from another trade but I still haven't gotten a box nor have I tried to recone I really don't have money to recone and I don't know how anyway let me know I live in SOCAL in Bellflower Ca 90706 would like to trade for another subwoofer in working condition...
  11. D

    Fs/ft: Re srx 10 d2

    Item(s) for Sale or Trade: RE Audio SRX10D2, I purchased this sub new and had it installed in my truck for less than a month. 300 RMS wasn't enough handling for the output I wanted so I upgraded to the SÈX10D4. This sub sounds good in a 0.97 net ported enclosure tuned to 26.5 Hz but since I'm...
  12. cooper1123

    2 Re se Motors with 12" Baskets

    Item(s) for Sale: ^^^^^Title^^^^^^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: In great shape! 1 motors chrome is prefect and the other has a little rust but still shines comes with motor boots and alan head screw terminals baskets have been ground down Everything is ready for recone Been told that...
  13. cooper1123

    Custom Painted RE MT 15

    Item(s) for Sale: Re MT 15 Motor and Basket Item(s) Description/Condition: Was going to be the sub in my current build, but have decided to run 2 RE Se 12s Basket has been painted orange with 3 coats of clear Motor has been painted aluminum silver with metal flake and then 2 coats of clear...
  14. C

    RE Audio XTX 3000.1 Mono & Infinity Kappa 4 CH

    Item(s) for Sale: RE Audio XTX 3000.1 Mono | 1000 RMS @ 2 Ohms - 1400 RMS @1 Accurate amp. THD below 0.10% is inaudible. Preamp Outputs 1 pair Built-in Crossover Low-pass (LP) Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 30 - 250 Hz Subsonic Filter 17 - 50 Hz Signal-to-Noise Ratio 90 dB Bass Boost 0 -...
  15. trumpet

    RE Audio is now available

    We have a selection of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers by RE Audio to offer starting today. CTX and DTX amplifiers, REX 10" and 12" dual 4 ohm subs, S EX 10", 12", and 15" dual 4 ohm subs, SRX 10", 12" and 15" dual 4 ohms subs, RE FR and REX coaxial speakers, and the SR6.5C 6.5" component...
  16. K

    Subwoofer Problems

    Hey all, So i am currently running 2 RE Audio SEX12D4 on a RE Audio DTS 1000.1d amp. One of the subs is blown and I was planning on getting it replaced tomorrow. This is what happened. Monday night i got back to school turn off amp and all and went to bed cause i had class in the morning. After...
  17. Tshaffe

    JL W7 10 or RE SXX

    I have a w7 10 and a sxx 10 in a custom box. I just have a Hifonics 1000.1d right now so it's not a very good amp. Can't decide to make a box for the w7 and use it with the Hifonics or the RE with it or a different amp.. Or I'm thinking maybe get a used jl 500/1 with the w7. I want good sq but I...
  18. Tshaffe

    Which system should I use!?? Can't decide!

    Okay I have a RE audio sxx 10 and a JL W7 10. I already have a custom built box for the RE so I'd have to make one for the w7. Whichever one i don't choose I will sell. I just have a Hifonics 1000.1D hooked up right now so it's not a very good amp. Should I sell the RE and Hifonics and buy a jl...
  19. SonicHD

    RE Audio February Giveaway, Enter Now!

    Don't forget to enter our RE Audio Facebook giveaway this month! We're giving away some amps, subs and speakers to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners chosen randomly at the end of the month. To enter, simply Like our page and answer the contest question. Good luck! Contest Page...
  20. A

    opinions on subs...and help finding amp to power them..

    Im looking at re srx12d4 4 ohm dvc, 300watt rms $99 Mtx tr55 4 ohm dvc, 400watt rms 800 max. $119 And mtx tr75 4ohm dvc, 500watt rms 1000max $179 And need help finding a good amp for them... Im lookin at the hifonics brutus brz1200.1d Im debating on the tr75 cuz i dont really want...
  21. daveishome

    RE vs Fi

    Just got an RE sxx 15" and a JL 1000/1d. I regret it lol. I want a Fi BL15 because for almost the same price it's a ******* beast. Trying to sell my RE now, not even a month old. You just can't compare RE's new stuff with Fi.
  22. Wingman0121

    RE Audio 12 inch XXX subwoofer (post-2006 model) still in original crate

    Item(s) for Sale: 12 inch RE Audio XXX. Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought this from a guy who bought it between 2007-2008 and it just sat in his basement until I bought it. The original owner was deployed in the Middle East and lost interest in car audio when he came back. This is the...
  23. Wingman0121

    RE Audio 12 inch XXX subwoofer new style never installed (pick-up only in central WI)

    Item(s) for Sale: 12 inch RE Audio XXX with original shipping crate Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought this from a guy who bought it between 2007-2008 and it just sat in his basement until I bought it. The original owner was deployed in the Middle East and lost interest in car audio when...
  24. Sketchup

    Box for a RE audio 18"

    I have been looking at the RE Audio SX18D2 (18" sub @ 2ohm) and have been trying to see if a box for it would fit in my cars trunk. It requires a 5.5ft.^3 box to 8.0ft.^3. In the screenshot below is a box made off of their website in the box calculator software. Would this box work well being...
  25. Sketchup

    RE audio xxx15 with xtx 5000.1 amp?

    Is the RE audio XXX15 work well with the RE audio XTX 5000.1 amp? In the description it says the amp works just right with the XXX12, but it has the same 2000 watt rms as the XXX15. A btw any ideas on the box? would I have to use extra think wood since it weighs 100lbs and would it need to be...
  26. N

    2 RE audio *** 10 inch dual voice coil subwoofers with box

    Item(s) for Sale: i just got laid off, selling my 2 re audio SE 10, dual voice coils subwoofers in a box wired to at 2 ohm. the box has about 3 cubic ft of airspace and its ported in the middle. its tuned to about 34 hrz or so. sounds good. ive had the woofers for about 2 months with no abuse...
  27. caseymcc

    NIB FS: RE Audio (US AMPS) XT800.4 V3 High power efficiency 4 channel Class DE amp

    Item(s) for Sale: One RE Audio XT800.4 V3 New In Box Item(s) Description/Condition: Multi channel class DE amps are becoming more desirable these days due to their excellent low power consumption. US Amps was one of the first to answer this call with their RE Audio 4 channel XT amps. This...
  28. H

    Which 12'' sub is better? orion or re audio xxx?

    Hey trying to help my friend pick two new 12'' subs. All ideas, personal use and any other recommendations would be GREAT! my friend is driving a honda civic coupe!
  29. Y

    How much airspace do i need for 2 18s?

    Like I said,I need to know how much airspace i need for 2 RE Sx 18s in a dodge ram 1500 quad cab.I can't build a wall but can use every inch of space below the back glass.I'm going to have a hifonics brutus 1500 2 channel on each of them and just want the best system possible.Recently came into...
  30. rlambert02

    Re Audio amp XTX 5000

    Does any one know anything about this amp or RE amps in general. I know they make good subs but I dont know about their amps. this amp is rated at rated @ 2500 rms. So does anyone know anything about whether this is a good amp or not?
  31. C

    alpine type r vs. re audio SXx 12's

    i have four alpine type r 12's in two pre-fab boxes all facing up. the boxes are just undersized for the subs and the tuning is off... if i sell off all this and get two RE Audio SXx 12's in a custom ported box tuned @ 33hz. do you think i would be butting out a higher spl? and what about sq...
  32. T

    RE Audio XXX 12" sealed box recommendations

    I currently have one 12" 2 ohm RE Audio XXX sub on an american bass phantom series 2500 watt amp run at 1 ohm (1250 RMS) in a ported box, 3 cubes at 33Hz setup in a 2000 ford explorer. kinda pissed i got talked into ported because i bought the sub to go for all out SQL while still having good...
  33. Why So Cereal?

    New Sub Setup for SQL!!!

    long story short. i want SQL. I have a hifonics brz1200.1d amp. I have been looking into either 3 JL w3 12s sealed, 2 12" Re *** ported, 2 12" Alpine Type R ported, and (really dont want to pay it but might have to) 2 JL w6 12s ported. I like to be loud and LOW AF!!! i like alot of flex. So...
  34. Why So Cereal?

    New Sub Setup for SQL!!!

    long story short. i want SQL. I have a hifonics brz1200.1d amp. I have been looking into either 3 JL w3 12s sealed, 2 12" Re SE x ported, 2 12" Alpine Type R ported, and (really dont want to pay it but might have to) 2 JL w6 12s ported. I like to be loud and LOW AF!!! i like alot of flex. So...
  35. Why So Cereal?

    3 Kicker L5 10s or 2 12" Audioque 2.5s or 2 12 RE SE(x)

    right now I have a FI Q 18 (sealed) that I am selling. I LOVE how low it gets and the volume is about as equal to my 2 cvrs ported. But i need more space in my car so I am going with smaller subs. I am between 3 square L5's.....2 12 audioque 2.5 or 2 12 re se. Need help!!! I have a hifonics...
  36. W

    help me pick some nice sub(s)

    i drive a 1999 eclipse and currently have 2 10 inch xplods in there (Lol). Im looking for something a little better sounding and lot better hitting. The amp i have is a vibe 268 2000/1000w rms claimed power (2x30a fuses). Im lookin to get 1 or 2 12s but space is somewhat limited as the trunk...
  37. C

    help with my system?

    I desperately need to upgrade my system, thinking RE audio is the way im going to go but what i dont know is how good the certain models of their subs are. currently im thinking an SXx 15" but maybe a different version would slam harder? also does anyone know for sure if i can get a 15" box in...
  38. thumpin'

    2 RE MT 15" DVC 2ohm subwoofers

    So my search for an amp has not been lucky,while i've found 2 BNIB RE MT 15 DVC 2 OHM subs at a price i could not pass up.Now i'm here with 3 re mt 15's and still no amp.So i want to trade 2 of the subs 1 used(in my avatar) 1 bnib mt's for like a sundown saz-3000/3500 or such.One of the new subs...
  39. quattro88

    Researched and narrowed it to three, which would you choose?

    So after a grip of searching and reading, I've narrowed my amp choices down to these three: Audioque AQ1200D Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D MB Quart ONX1.1500D It will be powering an RE Audio SE Series SE12-D4 12" Dual 4ohm Sub (600 RMS / 1200 Peak), wired in parallel and in a sealed ~.9cu/ft...
  40. Somchine13

    MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp

    NOOB HERE!!! Would a single 12 inch Fi Q be okay powering by a MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp? Also, this is going in a 09 Camry and do I have to do any elect. upgrades?