1. Courtbass

    Old school MTX Terminator MTA amps -- Need some info please!

    I have a MTX Terminator MTA 225 and a MTX Terminator MTA 250 amps that Id like to get some info about. I know theyre super rare and that they were made in the same factory as PPI equipment back in the early 90s. Ive heard that new back then they were anywhere from $600 up to as high as $1600...
  2. A

    COMPLETED 15" MTX Thunder 9500 in ported box

    Have a mint condition 15" MTX Thunder 9500. This sub is a beast..sub itself weighs a's bulletproof that's for sure. Sounds good, beats very hard, and is all around my personal favorite of all the subs I've owned. 1000 watts rms rated. Is set in a ported box. Box not perfect but sub is...
  3. trainey3009

    Looking to upgrade subwoofers

    I currently have 4 12" MTX Terminators powered by a Hifonics BE35 1200.1D at 1ohm@34V. I know the MTX Terminators are budget entry subwoofers and I bought them before I knew any better. I'd like to upgrade my subwoofers to either 2 better quality 12" or a single 15" hopefully using the same...
  4. B

    Thoughts on the MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Amp or Focal AP 4340 amp

    Hi - I'm new to all this and need a 4 channel Class AB amp priced under $200. I would appreciate any thoughts on these 2 amps. I am running the Polk DB6502 and Polk Audio DB651 speakers . TIA Bob
  5. Zackster

    MTX Audio Terminator Series Package. Worth it?

    Here's the package deal: I'm looking to upgrade my system but I don't really want to spend a fortune on some...
  6. TnTBadman

    The New MTX 9512-22 I've always wanted the original 9500 but they are discontinued now apparently. One would assume that their new woofer would be even better... new tech, specs, etc. problem is, there are ZERO videos, reviews or opinions on this subwoofer online...
  7. J

    15" MTX Thunder 7000 (T7154) w/ 8 layer high temp copper coil in nice sealed enclosur

    15" MTX Thunder 7000 (T7154) w/ 8 layer high temp copper coil in nice sealed enclosure. Very good sound quality sub with a strong punch to it. Selling because I got a bigger 18" sub. Asking $90 for sub and box Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  8. J

    Old School Chrome Memphis CA 300. Exc sound quality & power 600 rms @ 4, 150x2 @ 4

    Quality sounding Memphis CA300. This is the Memphis Competition Amplifier. Thats what the CA stands for. This was their best line in 1998. It has a double sided Korean board w/ components on each side of board. It does 150 rms x 2 @ 4 ohms, 300x2 @ 2 ohm stereo and 600 rms x 1 @ 4 ohm mono @ 12...
  9. M

    Question about subs and amp buying

    I'm new to subwoofers and I'm looking to find some for my new jeep wrangler unlimited. My budget is around $200, and looking around online it seems like the best deal is the MTX TNE212D (
  10. Loper23

    Any Info About MTX MR-408 Midrange?

    My friend picked up two MTX RoadThunder 4" Midrange speakers for $20. They are both 8 ohms rated for 100 watts RMS each (says so on the box). The model numbers are MR-408. I can't find any further info about them beyond the ohms and wattage that's on the box. The boxes look old, but I may be...
  11. Spl4200

    Fs- Mtx 81001 245 shipped

    Item(s) for Sale: ^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: Overall it's in good shape one scuff on the top plastic. Normal small scratches I'd say 8/10 Works like new 10/10 Price: 245 shipped to the lower 48 No trades please and Ty! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: On me! Item...
  12. D

    pioneer 12" champion or champion pro

    Ok so I currently have 2 mtx thunder 4000 subs that are falling apart due to their very old age. My other issue is they take up a lot of my trunk space. I have a 2002 volvo s60 and like to go on ski trips and things like that where I need the space. Because of this I am looking for a single 12"...
  13. A

    opinions on subs...and help finding amp to power them..

    Im looking at re srx12d4 4 ohm dvc, 300watt rms $99 Mtx tr55 4 ohm dvc, 400watt rms 800 max. $119 And mtx tr75 4ohm dvc, 500watt rms 1000max $179 And need help finding a good amp for them... Im lookin at the hifonics brutus brz1200.1d Im debating on the tr75 cuz i dont really want...
  14. S

    what amp to run with 2 mtx 9500s?

    Hey guys I got 2 12 inch mtx 9500s dual 4 ohm. I am currently runnin a Hifonics Zues 2000D at 1 ohm. and that amp does not push those much at all. So I blew my money thinking it would power juss fine. Anybody know of a good amp to run with these? I was thinking of Planet Audio 2400.1 or A...
  15. badazzinky

    2 15" 9515 subs MTX!!

    Item(s) for Sale: I have 2 MTX 9515-44 up for sale (9500 series) Item(s) Description/Condition: Not even 2 months old perfect Condition. Price: $350 + ship OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Trades that i would consider = fi btl n3. Shocker sigs, atomic xxx. All in...
  16. S

    Need Help.. 2 9500s

    Ok guys.. I have 2 12 inch MTX 9500s each sub is dual 4 ohm. Got some questions.. What amp should I run? Extra power(batteries, alternator...etc.)? And last is the sub enclosure? Ported? Sealed? Specs? I cant seem to find a decent enclosure for these two monsters.
  17. P

    Blown Subwoofer

    I just picked up a pair of MTX Thunder 8000's wired them up, and listened to them. They appeared to not be getting enough power from my ATX 1600.2 amp. So i though i would bridge one. Me being new to car audio did not know how to bridge an amp. i have since then learned my mistake. when i wired...
  18. W

    Need help MTX1501D model

    Hello i recently bought two mtx 1501d from Ebay one looks to be in fully working order but the second one the guy told me needs to be fixed. Now my question is on these amps when you take them apart you take off the two silver screws first .. then pull up an off the chrome MTX logo badge... then...
  19. M

    Best sub amp for 300 bucks?

    I'm looking to power a setup of either 4 SVC 12s, or 2 DVC 12s. I been looking at the MTX RFL 1200D, as many owners' birthsheets put it at 1250 or so RMS at 1 ohm, and it only runs 260 bucks new. However...for the budget, are there better options you think? And what about subs? They'll be in a...
  20. M

    mtx audio thunder 302 best sub use?

    hey everyone i have had this mtx audio thunder 302 for a while now, decided to put it in my car. I was just wondering what would be the best sounding sub to use for this amp. I plan on installing my sub and amp myself. Any advice is is appreciated thanks!
  21. T

    need help!!!! amp repair mtx thunder 81000d

    Ok so I bought an amp that's broken off of cl and it needs repair the amp goes straight into protection mode and there are some obvious issues and I tried to patch it up but dosent seem to want to leave protection mode all fets are fine but 2 capacitors on the board are swollen but still charge...
  22. 8

    Mtx Blue Thunder Pro 400x5

    what 6x9 speaker rms rated could this amp run without clipping and burning my tweeters
  23. Reddish Neck

    Re-coning a MTX

    Does anyone know if you can re-cone a 12" MTX Jackhammer and how much it would cost?
  24. S

    which amp would be the best for me?

    okay, if i were to purchase 1 DD 1515 what would be a good amp to put on it. (rms 500-1500)
  25. M

    OEM interface

    I'm redoing the audio in my '07 Mazda3 Hatch and I'm not sure what interface I should get for it. I want aftermarket sound without replacing the factory unit because it just looks so **** good. I was looking at the MTX Re-q5, but I'm worried about alternator hum because the outputs are less than...
  26. 350zkid

    MTX Thunder Amp Package

    Feel free to check me out on CACO ( 350kid. Got 17 iTrader Feedbacks, 100% Thanks 1. Products: (1) MTX 4244 4-Channel Amp (1) MTX 4250D Class D Mono Amp 2. Specs: MTX Car Audio - Archive - Thunder4244 Amplifier MTX Car Audio - Archive - Thunder4250D Amplifier 3...
  27. X

    MTX Thunder 300XD

    Item(s) for Sale: MTX THunder 300xd Item(s) Description/Condition: Great Condition/well taken care of. It sat in storage most of its life while deployed Price: 150OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: will discuss shipping when buyer is found Item Pictures: (List pictures in...
  28. Why So Cereal?

    New 4 Channel Amp

    ok so i have an autotek at1200 running my highs now and they get pretty loud but the sound quality *****. My dad has an old mtx amp in his suburban that he's willing to trade. It was made back in tha 90's but I dont have the series on hand. It was all black. Would this be a good trade or should...
  29. RT_MAG

    Powerbass XA3000D Help

    What up Fellas, I'm running to 9500 15s at 1 ohm. seems as if every time I turn my radio up past 10-11 or attempt to turn my eq up the amp shuts off then comes back on after a few minutes... But with the eq bass settings rite above 0 its fine at volume 10.
  30. C

    Need help please.

    I have two 10' MTX Subs and an amp in my 94 chevy truck. I have two acoustic brand 4x6 speakers in the back, and I replaced two acoustics that were in the front with MTX brand 4x6 speakers. The sound was great at first, me and my friend sat in it listening to it for 10min then it seemed like...
  31. whikid

    fosgate t112d2 at 2 ohms?

    hi there every one im new on here and was hopeing this would be the placce to find some help. i recently got back in to car audio and even after 5 years out and being 26 years old , im still chaseing massive low tones haaha. i started my system with a terminator seiries set up from mtx...
  32. W

    wanting to buy KICKER AUDIO Banner! (Picture)

    Hello all! Just posting to see if anyone out there has this exact banner! Really in love with this thing and I would pay some decent money if someone had one in good condition they were willing to part with. thanks -matt p.s. the banner is believe is 8 ft by 4 ft.
  33. W

    Looking to buy amplifier to push two old school Mtx 8000's

    My buddy just bought two twelve inch mtx 8000's subs. Does anyone know anything about these subs or what kind of amplifier I need to run them? Online specs say they are 400 rms 800 peak each, and they are svc with a HUGE magnet. if each are 4 ohm, i was planningto drop them to 2 ohm so does...
  34. M

    MTX vs Rockford Fosgate

    I am planning on putting two 12's in my car. The only problem is that ]I don't know what to go with. It's either between the MTX TR4512-44 or the Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12. Can someone tell which has the better sound quality? Which one hits harder if they are going to be put in a 2007 Ford...
  35. C

    HELP...Headunit problem?

    I have a pioneer DXT-2266UB headunit with 2 10" MTX subs on a 500 watt sony xplode amp. Everything was working fine until recently. one day i turned it on and the subs werent hitting. i popped the trunk and it seemed that the subs were playing music but barely any bass and a low volume. when i...
  36. C

    did big 3 but didnt fix problem

    did the big three and upgraded all wiring from front to back tin 1/0 gauge. and put a 2400 kinetik in trunk instead of the deka. amps still cut off around 9.9vlts whats the problem here? do i need a ground from front battery to rear, i have the rear grounded to chassis with 1/0. I have the power...
  37. RFThump85

    WTB: Atleast 1500@1ohm

    I want a nice amp that will slam my t2s. Im in southeast michigan or northeast ohio. Let me know what you have and what your asking shipped. Or if you local i will meet.
  38. D

    Amplifier Problem

    Hi there i have a MTX RFL805 amplifier and lately there seem to be high pitched whine coming from the amplifier. it will last for about 30 seconds and only happens when i start the car. When i shut the car off and restart it, the whine will not be there. I was curious what you all think is the...
  39. N

    2 JL 10w3v3 subs sealed 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 standard cab

    Im putting in 2 JL 10w3v3 4ohm subs in my truck. sealed and seprate boxes, one behind driver and one behind passenger. I have a good deal/friend and will be running a MTX jackhammer JH1200 (800w 4ohm (400 per sub)). Just wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to install these subs. Im...
  40. C

    amps cutting off from loss of power

    setup: 2001 honda accord h22 engine 2 mtx 9500 12" dvc 2-81001 mtx class d mono block amps 1500 watts each 1- 7804 mtx amp 4channel 1200 watts mtx 6x9's 6.5" 3" tweets optima yellow top under hood and in trunk 12 farad stinger cap 1/0 wiring troughout 165 h/o alternator. at idle has...