fosgate t112d2 at 2 ohms?


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Apr 20, 2011
denver, co
hi there every one im new on here and was hopeing this would be the placce to find some help.

i recently got back in to car audio and even after 5 years out and being 26 years old , im still chaseing massive low tones haaha.

i started my system with a terminator seiries set up from mtx, consisting of 2 4 ohm mtx 12" subs and one mono block terminator 250/1 amp. it was great but nothing compared to what i remember haveing. {3 jl w3's in a power wedge box wired in parralel with a audiovox prestige 1000w} so alas i started craigs listing for better set ups....

what i found was a rockford fosgate t112d2 for 50$ in great shape. so i made a box very close to website specs , and hooked up my terminator amp to the sub {the sub was wired for 1 ohm at that point} when i turned it up just a little bit... the amp freaked out and started distorting the sub sumthin feirce. i pulled the sub and rewired for 4 ohms....the 2 oohm terminator did fine on that...but at 4 ohms it barl barly pushed that t1 at i hit the craigs list again...and found an alpine mrp-m350 new in box for 40 bucks.... said it ran great in reviews...i belive even one from thiss site....however im still not able to wire my sub to run 2 ohms due the the fact that it is a dual 2 ohm vc.... i can only do half {1 ohm} or double {4 ohms} so the alpine that can push 350 rms at 2 ohms is now pushing 200 at 4 ohms.... wich is louder than the terminator amp at 4 ohms.... but not enough.... //

SOOOO heres my question...... i wanna get the most out of this beast of a woofer...i want its 2 ohm capabilitys.... i think iv found a way...

if i run the terminator amp to one side of the vc and the alpine amp to the other side.... id be runing the sub and amps at 2 ohms right? i know the terminator will do 200 rms at 2 ohm, and the alpine 350 rms at 2 ohms..... so what im scared of is mis tuneing the wattage out put to each side of the sub? can any one help walk me through how to tune the 2 diffrent wattage amps to the same wattage? and if they are slightly off ....will it dammage my sub?

best i can figure is turn the terminator all the way up for its full 200 and try to match it with the alpine? the t112d2 can hold a steady 600 rms at 1 ohm i belive? mabe 2 ...but either way 400 would be just right i think.

any help or opinions would be great.... the only other thing iv thaught is to buy and exact other alpine amp..but id like to get away with the 2 i already have.



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