1. E

    COMPLETED Rare 6.5 ID components in sealed enclosures 4ohm

    This are a one of a kind pair of components in high quality 0.25 ft enclosures. The mids have poly cones, no phase plugs, and super beefy magnets. The midbass on these things are impressive. The mids are coupled with CX crossovers and my favorite NX30 tweeters. The enclosures are well-made and...
  2. H

    COMPLETED AD designs 6.5 components and 3 inch mids

    I've got 2 sets of ad designs components brand new in box. And 2 sets of 3 inch mids These were bought as a high end line my shop wanted to carry, but we went another direction. I have: 1 set adcs631 6.5 components. Brand New in box $350 shipped obo 1 set adcs641 6.5 components. Missing...
  3. Polar

    Sundown SA-T V.2 silk dome tweeters

    View Listing Sundown SA-T V.2 silk dome tweeters Brand new, have never been powered sundown 1 inch silk dome tweeters with lock rings.  100 Watts RMS at HPF 3500 Hz/24 dB Silk Dome Tweeter for smooth sound Mounting Diameter: 1 5/8" | Mounting Diameter: 1 5/8"...
  4. D

    Looking for new speaker set

    I've been looking around for some nice sq components, and later coaxials for the back. Right now I have morel maximos, comps in front and coaxials in the back, powered by a pioneer 4 channel (i know its ****, but i will upgrade later). However, I was looking for an upgrade. Since local shops...
  5. L

    Skar Audio component help

    I have some Skar Audio 6.5 components in the front and rear doors. I have them hooked up too the crossovers through a Rockford Fosgate 300.4 amp and on the certificate it came with it says it pushes 404w RMS. I have knukonceptz 4 gauge going back too it and a XS Power big 3 kit under the hood...
  6. W

    Budget Component Speakers

    Ok guys, so I'm building a audio system for a guy with about a $600 budget. I'm pretty new to the car audio scene, and I'm looking for a pair of nice 6.5 or 6.75(Preferably) component speakers for around $150 or preferably less. Here's what I've narrowed it down to... Alpine SPR-60C Polk...
  7. A

    F150 Crew Cab Help

    I am just starting to replace factory items in my 13 f150 crew cab. I have decided to go only replace the front speaker and add a sub under the back seat. I have the touch screen head unit and don't know if I need to run an amp to the front speakers. I want to install some components that will...
  8. N

    Wiring Components Properly

    First time installer here. I've finished "prepping" the front stage (i.e. installed Dynamat in the front doors on the outer and inner skins and ran RF wiring from the Front doors to the trunk where the amp will go). So it's time to install the components and I was wondering if I should use the...
  9. D

    6.5 Component Suggestions.

    I am looking to purchase a new pair of 6.5" components. I can spend anywhere from $200-$300. I can also power them with anywhere from with 100 or 200 rms. I would really like a pair with a smooth tweeter, that is mainly what i'm looking for. I will be running passive. Any help or suggestions...
  10. johnsonboys

    WTB WTT ISO!!! Hertz ep4 4 channel

    I already have a hertz ep4 running all my components, I want to find another ep4 to split up the front stage and the rear to add more power to them. I have cash ready to buy or if you have a hertz amp that is around 100-150 rms x 4 I would trade my ep4 and cash. Thanks
  11. bassattack95

    6.5 components

    I've been looking at some good type r components lately until I stumbled upon the incriminator 6.5 components. I know they make some bad a** subs. But what would be better the incriminators or the type R components?
  12. basswiigee

    components and 6x9s...

    looking to get some good sq insides... budget, i'd like to keep it under 200... focal, cdt and so on... pioneer only premier or force four...
  13. L

    First post- opinions on my potential setup. SQ, Processors, components, Jeep.

    First post here! I know a decent amount about car audio, but i have some questions i cant seem to get a straight answer on, or maybe im misunderstanding some things. I've been doing a lotttt of forum reading on all these, but i still have some questions and i'm seeking some opinions on them...
  14. TheMayer

    Need Opinions on SQ Comps

    I'm currently running a set of Rainbow SLX265 comps active from my BitTen, I can give each driver 50RMS @ 4ohms or 75RMS at 2ohms. Im very happy with how they sound and how they blend with my W6 but Im looking at my options around 300. Any ideas?
  15. eddie_93

    Please help me decide on 6.5" component speakers

    Going to run a set of 6.5" components bridged on my Alpine MRP-F240 (100x2@ 4 ohms). Budget is strict $150. Waiting to deaden doors with my AT 60 mil until it gets warmer out. So far my choices are: Massive Audio CK6X Hertz DSK 165 Image Dynamics CTX-6.5cs Let me know if you have any...
  16. I

    Infinity Kappa 60.9

    Item(s) for Sale: Infinity Kappa 60.9 Item(s) Description/Condition: 8/10 Price: 90$ shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Were in some custom kits, I have the grill covers but one is alittle torn, the rest is in great shape Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section...
  17. TFD

    Help with with components. Polk DB

    I have a Silverado regular cab. Polk Db 6501's in factory local. Polk 4x6 Coaxials also HU is Pioneer Avh-4400, highs amp is RF Punch 600.2. I guess I'm asking for opinions/ suggestions to make the best of my current gear. Just purchased new Sundowns and sub amp along with a new enclosure...
  18. D

    FS: Like New In Box- Rainbow SLC265 Components

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 set of Rainbow SLC265 component speakers Item(s) Description/Condition: Mint condition, bought and installed in 2007, got light use running off stock HU for most time, only short time off amp getting ~125W. They still sound like they did new. Price: $175 + shipping OBO...
  19. R

    Double DIN H/U and 6.5 components

    I'm looking for 6.5" components (mids+tweets+crossover), and I am open to many offers for those, as long as it is not Boss or Jensen etc. My budget goal is under $125 for the component set, but for something verrry nice I will consider more expensive, well priced options. "my
  20. dboto

    STUMPED by static noise on new components

    Ok, so I recently bought and installed some Kenwood KFC-P709PS components in my 98 Pathfinder. After installing them I noticed right off the bat that there was a large amount of static noise coming from the new front tweeters and woofers, both sides. Sounds like tv static. The static noise...
  21. Skinkutter

    Same old question, just need new points of view for new front stage

    I am thinking 2 sets of RE XXX 6.5's Woofers in lower door, one tweeter just above and one in A-pillar. Just wondering if there are better 2ohm offerings out there? Staying passive for a few months then going active. I will be using all A/D/S power on them at 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, or 200 watts...
  22. av83

    Picking out the components...

    The 5.25's are going in a semi and the 6.5's are going in an 02 intrepid. I know they aren't the newest ones, but it seems like a great deal. I need comps that will perform well and last long when taking 120+ rms. Any last opinions before they are bought? It seems like I've looked at everything...
  23. F

    5.25 Components

    I need a pair of 5.25 Components for my front door. I have a kicker 650.4 that puts out 120rms so i need a pair that can take this power. I have been looking around but cant find a pair for around $100 that will take this power. Any suggestions I dont mind used either.
  24. my front doors

    my front doors

    Clarion components
  25. mylows10

    cdt components

    Item(s) for Sale: cdt cl 61 a components Item(s) Description/Condition: brand new in the box. only opened for pics,cl61a 6.5 components Price: 120 plus shipping obo Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: shipped with insurance ,by ups or usps your choice Item Pictures: (List...
  26. donpisto

    FS: Crystal Mobile Sound Components (SUPER CHEAP!)

    SOLD! Item(s) for Sale: Crystal Mobile Sounds CSC 60 components. Come with mids, tweeters, crossover and (not pictured...grill and plastic baffles). Item(s) Description/Condition: These are used and are in great condition. Only thing to complain about is some leftover double sided tape on...
  27. S

    Soundstream reference 404s for 6.5's and 2 channel(cash on my side)

    I'm looking to trade my soundstream reference 404s for a 2 channel amp that does 100rms + at 4 ohms per channel and some decent 6.5 components. I will through in cash if needed. The soundstream is an old school beast. Runs .5 stereo on all 4 channels and 1 ohm bridged in the owners manual. I've...
  28. Why So Cereal?

    Help with a SQ Setup

    Ok at the moment i have a autotek at1200 4 channel amp i got for virtually nothing. The SQ *****. I am kind of a "noob" but i was told the signal to noise ratio determines the clarity of the sound... this amp says 95 db in relation to rated power. My 1st choice WAS a JL Audio XD600/6 with a...
  29. E

    RSD65CS PhoenixGold components Like new

    Item(s) for Sale:RSD65CS 6.5 Components by phoenix gold Item(s) Description/Condition:these things can get LOUD with the right amount of power,I had them on Headunit power only (25 watts) and they kept up with my 4 15" subwoofers in my blazer,I had NO other speakers inside. They are in...
  30. D

    Morel Elate 6 3 ways

    Item(s) for Sale: I bought these off ebay & never installed them. They are in like new condition & I am very picky person. They use Morel MT-23 Tweeters, CDM-88 Mid & 6" woofers. The mids have 1 normal cover & 1 Morel's OEM style covers. The 6" has 2 morel covers. These are in...
  31. J

    Diamond Audio D971 7" Component - Mint Condition $350 Shipped - USA

    Item(s) for Sale: Diamond Audio D971 Components Item(s) Description/Condition: Size: 7” Mid with 1.125” Tweeter - Power Handling: 200/400 watts RMS - Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91 dB - Frequency Response: 35 - 30k Hz Mint Condition with case Price: $350 Shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous...
  32. shizupple

    Digital Designs DD-CS6.5 6.5'' Component Set

    Item(s) for Sale: Digital Designs CS-6.5 Component Set (1) OR Digital Designs 6.5'' Coaxials (2) Digital Designs DDT2 Tweeter Set (2) Digital Designs Crossover Set (2) Item(s) Description/Condition: The Comp Set is brand new never installed. I took them out of the plastic but they have...
  33. C

    SOLD BNIB Massive audio VK6 Components

    Item(s) for Sale: Massive audio vk6 Series components Item(s) Description/Condition: BNIB For the components, specs here Massive Audio*::*Speakers*::*VK 6 Component Speaker Price: $90 shipped. Will trade, have other things to add as well Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  34. B

    Componenets: Soundstream SST vs. Alpine SPR's / any comments?

    Getting ready to order some components. Going in a Grand Am...decided to go with 2 full range 6x9's in the rear and 6.5 comps in the front. SS's or Alpine's? Read good things about both, but does anybody have any comments about the 2? Also, I was thinking about running a SS Ref 4ch to these, but...
  35. B

    How to 3 ohm components

    Can anybody help me with this? Not sure how to wire a set of 3ohm components. Was thinking about running 2 sets of the Soundstream SST's (3ohm). Can these be ran by 4ch @ 1 per channel?
  36. M

    WTB: 6.5" Components

    My price range is around $150. Let's see what you've got.
  37. 1EdgeKilla

    Best 5.25 components you can get for ($3-400)?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and all and am in the process of putting a nice system in my car. I am currently trying to find the best pair of 5.25 inch components around $3-400 for in the doors of my cavalier (terrible car i know) but hey i don't car about the car its the music im into. I've...
  38. K

    SOLD F/S: CDT Audio HD-642 3-Way Component Speaker System $425 Shipped Including Extras

    F/S: CDT Audio HD-642 3-Way Components $425 Shipped (CONUS)   (2) 6.5" woofers w/grilles (2) 4" midranges w/grilles (2) 1.75" silk soft dome tweeters (2) SubNet 642 bass crossovers and (2) SatNet 642 mid-tweet crossovers Flush, surface, and angle mounts 150WRMS...
  39. B

    Help: Static on left channel after comp. install

    I just installed PVI-269 MB Quart components and a RAB-250 MB Quart amp last night. I have a kenwood KDC-MP538U deck. After I got every thing all wired and mounted, I put the negative back on and turned on the car and deck. The Green power light came on for the amp and the red indicator light...
  40. Front Stage Components

    Front Stage Components

    My Front Stage Components in driver door.