1. J

    More amp or more watts

    I keep unexpectedly acquiring speakers .But not proper now I have 3 different sets of.subs and a bunch of other speakers with a random assortment of too many amps...I was wondering what is a good setup for rhe amps..should I run the pairs of subs off there own amps.and wa wondering about...
  2. BigSachsy1

    What will help more a 4 or 5 channel or ?

    So I have 2 12s in my 01 suburban and my midbass is shit. Everything else is pretty good. No tweeters except in the 2 coaxials in my front 2 doors. 2 skar fsx65s in the rear doors. After I do the big 3 (current alt is 130 amp) and (maybe) a HO alt, I need to do a 4 channel (I think) to my...
  3. qoqzgood

    Just 4 fun

    Assuming there is unlimited budget, what SQ setup that is the best of the best in 2019?
  4. W

    Resistance audio

    VISIT HUGE AMPLIFIER SALE!!! THESE AMPS ARE USED BY: As a Five time consecutive world champion!!! — Eric Alexander - 14-time World Finalist in dB Drag and MECA And a MECA Hall of Fame inductee
  5. W

    Resistance audio amps?

    I was just on looking at the 1000 watt amp. Does anyone have any experience with these amps? They claim to not overrate the power.
  6. L

    In need of help concerning jl audio system! 13.5 w7 and component what amps to run!

    So basically I'm an audio enthusiast and I'm in love with quality sound and bass.. I used to have an old system back in high school two 12 Kenwood tornados and some cheap Kenwood speakers to boot.. anyway it hit hard but sound quality and good bass definitely lacked.. now them I'm older and make...
  7. T

    Need an Amp but Uneducated

    I'm recently new to the woofer world and highly uneducated but looking to make a build in my truck. I have ordered two 4 ohm dual voice coil Alpine Type R 12's that have a 1000w rms and 3000w peak. I have everything I need, except for an amp and wiring but I'm not sure how I should I wire it all...
  8. Jkidd288

    2 SoundQubed Q1-2200Ds

    Items for Sale: 2 SoundQubed Q1-2200D's Item Description/Condition: Minor cosmetic issues on the amplifiers. They still perform flawlessly. Price: I am asking for $324.99 each but I can work with anybody on the price. Just ask. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: You can...
  9. adulbrich

    OS do wants

    Was bored and looking on ebay. Found these that I think look awesome! Old School Custom US Made Phoenix Gold MPS 7240 5 1 Ohm Amp Amplifier 2500 2240 | eBay This guy has five of these, haha Phoenix Gold The One Amp 12 000WATTS Limited Edition Brand New | eBay Last but not least (I...
  10. S

    Amp setup recommendation

    I just bought a 10 inch Alpine SWR-10D2 dual 2ohm type-r sub, 1000w rms 3000w peak, dual coil (2ohmsx2ohms) I also bought 2 Polk Audio DB6501 6-1/2 inch two way speakers with these specs: Car Speaker Function Mid-Range Speaker, Speaker, Tweeter Size 6.5" Type Component Speaker System...
  11. Jkidd288

    American Bass XFL 12's power question

    So, i have 2 SQ Q1-2200.1's and i was wondering if the American Bass XFL'S can handle the power dished out by these two bad boys linked. They're D2's. I want to wire at a .5 ohm load if using just one amp. What will one of these amps do at .5 ohms on a good electrical? If i can get 3k out of...
  12. 350zkid

    Couple amps

    Item(s) for Sale: 1) Kicker KX500.2 2) Kicker ZX460 3) Kove Audio Reference zx500 4) Planet Audio BB150.4 5) Visonik v4000xd Item(s) Description/Condition: 1) works 10/10, looks 7.5/10 2) works 10/10, looks 9/10 3) works 10/10, looks 6/10 4) works 10/10, looks 6/10 5) works 10/10...
  13. 1

    one alpine type r amplifier help

    Hey guys, i want to wire a dual vc 4 ohm alpine type r at 2 ohms and am comparing a few amps. My choices are pioneer(gmd-9601), alpine(mrv-m500), or the new kenwood( Kac 9106-d) and was hoping for some input/advice. I have already built my box sealed so am looking for more of a clean power amp...
  14. trentlivinloud

    Amp Suggestions

    Okay, i have a dual 2ohm Fi Q18 subwoofer with the cooling options, p chamfer, spider and internal lead. I have it running at 1 ohm on a Hifonics Hfi 1500 monoblock. Im looking to sell my hifonics and get a bigger amplifier. Maybe a 3000 watt or so. I have my sub in about a 9 or 10 cube ported...
  15. TNT

    Fs: Zed audio dreadnought 4 channel amplifier 900 watt class d new

  16. B

    Hifonics Amps

    I'm thinking about getting a Hifonics amp, does anyone know if the ratings on their amps are the RMS rating or the peak?
  17. P

    Budget bass help needed

    Ive been riding around listening to my two Memphis Power Reference 10's for long enough. I'm looking to upgrade to a couple 15's in a ported box but i have no idea where to start, I'm kinda burnt out because Ive spent all my time trying to get my front stage set up but I'm ready to get back in...
  18. emilimo701

    Amplifier output power vs. electrical system input voltage

    I'd like a little clarification on amplifier wattage ratings. I see things like "10000 watts RMS @ 13.8v, 15000 watts RMS @ 14.4v" and wonder... don't the amps have voltage regulators? Are these ratings meant to imply that the output signal gets louder as voltage increases? Since the system...
  19. M

    How to match amp with your subs

    Ok so I have four 12inch alpine type R's 500 rms 1000 peak wired in parallel at 2 ohms how big of an amp (in terms of watts) should i have?
  20. halel86

    New car, new to the world of audio... HELP ME OUT... PLEASE?

    Hey there, Just recently purchased(3 days ago) a 2002 Lincoln LS. I have installed new 6x8 Pioneer speakers throughout the car and plan to purchase subwoofers. Being 16, I have a budget, so please keep that in mind. I believe I am looking for 2 12" subwoofers and I lean more towards SQ than...
  21. Sketchup

    Amp for Fi BL 15?

    I have been trying to decide between a fi bl 15 and another sub, but if I were to get the bl I have no idea for amps. Anyone got any ideas? I would need to be at least 1500watt @ 2ohm. I wouldn't want to spend more than $500 at most on it.
  22. S

    12 Inch JL Sub-300 Watts

    This is my first car, and my first sysytem ive ever put in. I have a 12" JL Sub 300 Watts and am not sure what box and amp to go with? I got the amp for free from a friend, its brand new. I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible, but i do understand that to cheap just wont cut it. Any suggestions??
  23. mylows10


    Item(s) for Sale: kicker warhorse Item(s) Description/Condition: 2 months old 9.5/10 Price: 1300 obo plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: will ship to only with insurance unless local pickup Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture...
  24. B

    Does anyone know of any Car Audio shows in Michigan ?

    I'm new to the forum and this was the only forum subject that I could relate this to " miscellaneous " was wondering if anyone knew of any car audio shows coming to Michigan this year ?
  25. B

    Battery Help

    Okay, now I have a system that draws over 1000 watts and I hear I need a new battery. I burned out my stock alternator and had to spend my money on a new alt instead of a battery... now I have a 200 amp alternator and a 3 year old 540 cranking amps Everlast battery. The specs of my amp are...
  26. W

    wanting to buy KICKER AUDIO Banner! (Picture)

    Hello all! Just posting to see if anyone out there has this exact banner! Really in love with this thing and I would pay some decent money if someone had one in good condition they were willing to part with. thanks -matt p.s. the banner is believe is 8 ft by 4 ft.
  27. T

    Advice on amplifier for kicker L5's?

    Hey guys i'm looking for a great amp to use with my new set up of 2 12" kicker L5s. i was planning on getting the rockford t1000 for a while but i think that may be just a little overkill since rockfords ratings are always so underestimated, theyre wired down to 2 ohms and thats what ill be...
  28. S

    a little help!

    wasup everybody! i recently installed this setup last weekend and what im noticing is spring is here and my amps get HOT even before i turn on the car. i know it may be my black interior or the tinted rear windshield thats causing heat, so what im asking is how would you keep these amps cool...
  29. T

    Birthsheet ratings of RF T-1000-1bdcp?

    for all you owners of the rockford fosgate t1000-1bdCP...what does your birthsheet say your amp is rated at @2ohms?
  30. R

    FS: Full JL System

    Item(s) for Sale: (3) 13.5 JL Audio W6v2 Custom Ported JL Box with W6 elevated. (3) JL Audio A1800 Amps Alpine D105 Flip Out w Ipod cable Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent Condition All original boxes Price: subs & box - $1000 Amps - $300 each Alpine D105 - $300 Shipping...
  31. F

    Amplifiers SQ low price

    Hello I would amplifiers from Power Acoustik, Crunch, and Kole Power Bass are good for a project SQ. I listen to rock and R & B Do not want to pay +400 dollars in a 4 or 5 channels to provide between 800 and 1000wRMS Thanks
  32. dwinger

    Need help with an amp for my sx's

    I have two re sx 15's in a ported box tuned to 32hz with 0 gauge wiring, im taking the treo 1900 that i got when i bout these to go with my other system so im going to need to get a new amp for the sx's, tell me what you all think i should get, thanks
  33. N

    Amps & Bass: Riddle Me This

    This may be a very dumb question, but I'm new to car audio...and I'm very curious whether or not the bass from a sub might mess up your amp? I've seen a lot of setups where people park their amp(s) in a trunk right next to the subs and I can't help but wonder if all that affects it? Of course, I...
  34. F

    Subwoofer help?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me.... i have a pioneer ts-w308 D4 12" sub runnin at 2 ohms. My amp at 2 ohms only pushes out 265 wrms and at 1 ohm pushes out 500 wrms i want to either change the sub to a ts-w308 D2(to run at 1 ohm) or add a 2nd ts-w308 D4(bringing both the subs to 2...
  35. B

    ?? Need to know about the quality of these 2 amps ??

    I have 2 12' Pheonix Gold Radial SD competition subs. I need a 1000 watt + amp to push them. I recently bought a powerzone Crunch 1500.1 amp but am not sure if this will provide the good quality I am looking for. Also have had my eye on an O2/Q2 3000 watt amp but am not sure if this has good...
  36. C

    CarAudio Outlet selling at dealer cost is this a good idea?

    I have been doing retail for 18 Years now i set up a site for our company to make extra money off internet sales. What we do is sell a memberships for less then $20. Then we let the customer order his system for his car at our dealer pricing. It saves the customer a bundle and we are reaching...
  37. ALMANI AUDIO Public Auction

    ALMANI AUDIO Public Auction

    1000's Of Amplifiers, Speakers, Stereos August 25th, 2009 @ 10:00 am for details
  38. My Subwoofers and Amp

    My Subwoofers and Amp