Which Audioque Sub/Amp combo is better for daily driving? but also the loudest?


Feb 18, 2012
Audioque HDC3-18" Subwoofer Copper Coil powered by Audioque 2200D


Audioque HDC3-18" Subwoofer Aluminum Coil powered by Audioque 2200D

It says in the description for daily driving coppercoils are better?

Also if anyone can give me numbers of help build a ported box for an 18" that would preferably fit inside the trunk of a honda civic coupe (newer model) or a mazda3 hatchback or sedan. I'm asking because that is one of my next cars im going to purchase. If i had the choice of getting a SUV i would take it in a heartbeat but sadly i can't. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/frown.gif.a3531fa0534503350665a1e957861287.gif But i can use the whole trunk space for a box, but ONLY the trunk space. I can't extend it into the cabin but i can put the seats down.

Or i can go with

1 HDC3-15" Copper or Aluminum again powered by a Audioque 1200D or 2200D a lil cheaper than the 18.

2 Audioque SDC (Street Duty) 2.5 Series 15" for the price of one 18" and power it with a AQ1200 or 2200D,

but the thing is i heard 1 18" in a tuned box will be louder than 2 15s. Plus the 18 is made better than these 15s i'm guessing since the 15s are only 160 a piece.

Keep in mind with whatever sub i get i'll get a custom box made for it hopefully some of yall can help answer my questions! Thanks!



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Mar 13, 2011
Milwaukee, WI
Aluminum is better for comps. As for loudness, idk, id just got alum

Im running a 15" hdc3 with alum coils, of two aq1200s on it.

If you want a box suggrestion pm me.

Or any other details.



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Nov 2, 2008
Amps are nice not a fan of their subs though.



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Dec 26, 2010
Copper is good for daily setups because copper is great at handling heat for a longer period of time. Aluminum on the other hand has no problems taking a lot of power in a short period of time. This is why aluminum is favored over copper for burp setups. On the other hand, aluminum is more efficient than copper. Your choice -- I'm using aluminum for a daily and although some people claim aluminum sounds "worse" than copper, I am 100% satisfied with my setup.


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