1. S

    Used Sundown SAX 100.2 and Audioque AQ2200D

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Sundown SAX 100.2 Two Channel Amplifier - 100w Per Channel Used Audioque (Now SoundQubed) AQ2200D Mono 2200 Watts Item(s) Description/Condition: Purchased in 2008, used sparingly on the last four years. The Audioque amplifier powered two 12" Fi Qs. The Sundown...
  2. C

    Fried amp, is it worth getting it fixed?

    I have a guy that wants to sell me his audioque 2200.1 on the cheap because it is fried, I wanted to know some opinions on whether it is worth the buy/gamble to buy it and see about getting it repaired? Guy says he was playing it at a .5 ohm load and it just cut out and won't come back on. He...
  3. N

    Audioque HDC3 18 dust caps HELP!

    I just got a used Audioque hdc3 18, dual 1 copper coil... But that has nothing to do with what I'm about to ask, I'm wondering what size dust cap these really have, I measured from the each end from where the glue flange is, not sure if thats correct but it's 7", but if I measure just the capo...
  4. A

    AQ 1200.1 Problems

    My friend is having some problems with his aq1200. The amp powers on just fine, but puts out no signal. We have tried it on both his and my car and the same thing happens. I did notice that he had 3 20A fuses in it instead of the 3 40A fuses its suppose to. He said before it had smaller fuses...
  5. adrc8r

    wtt for digital design s4 , assorted upper end audio equipment

    I have a variety of audio equipment. Ranging from amps to subs and headunits. Just for example I have a us amp Merlin md2d, mmats d.700.2, old school kicker zr240, eclipse 55090 dvd headunit, kenwood kdc mp528, sony cdx-gt40uw, kicker zx 800.2, and eclipse avn 5435 touchscreen with the nav...
  6. johnsonboys

    massive N3 amp, HDS312D2

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a massive audio N3 amp I'm lookin to sell or trade for a 2500rms or so amp will add cash. I'm also thinkin about changing up my system and I have a new HDS3 12in dual 2 ohm with less than an hour play time it's just starting to lossen up and get louder. Sounds really...
  7. lextuninghn

    AQ/SQ HDC4 15" 1ohm dual

    Hi, I want to buy a HDC4 15" dual 1 ohm to complete my proyect. if you have one used in good working condition let me know.

    Box build for 2 xfl 15s (box p*rn inside)

    my buddy at work had me put together a system for him ..its a pair of 15" xfls on a aq2200 for now .going in a 99 is 8.5 cubes @34htz maple construction. design by @Buck; well enough bs on to the pics alright that's it for now u freaks...updated pics will be up as progress...
  9. K

    Ported box recommendation for 15" hdc3

    I just got a 15" Audioque hdc3 and I am going to get all new everything to run with that. Im guessing the box would be the next step. I have a 2003 ford explorer sport xlt and it has a relatively big area for a box. I am lost as to what size ported box to use and what frequency to have it be...

    Hdc4 12.s get a facelft

    got a pair of sq 8" dry weave dust caps installed on my hdc4 12s ..with custom blue logos I had made up. turned out pretty badazz if I say so myself..on to the pics boom

    Hdc4 box build

    Sorry for the delay on this as its been done for a while now..ive had a few people asking about my box so here it is
  12. chitownking

    cant decide audioque 2200d or mmats 2000.1 ?????

    cant decide between an audioque 2200d or an mmats 2000.1???? the audioque will run me about $$290 and the mmats will run me $$400 im trying to push 2 15 cvxs and need a bigger amp than my current fosgate t10001bd...

    top post battery terminals

    Need a post clamp style with 4 1/0 and 2 4ga...toolmaker is on backorder..let me kno what you have

    8" dust caps

    i need 2 8" dust caps ..preferably carbon fiber but will check out other options...lmk what ya got...need pretty is ready

    quick hdc4 shirt trick

    quick video of some air movin
  16. T

    WTS BNIB AQ1200D $280 + WTTF 12" 1200w-1800w+rms OR $cash+mine for larger AQ/SAZ/etc.

    Item(s) for Sale: Brand new in the box (taken out but not taken out of the plastic wrap, never powered) Audioque 1200D Amplifier. 1500-1800 watts 12" RMS power subs trades welcome. Also interested in trading my amp+cash for an AQ 2200D or SAZ2500D or BC2k. Other offer's welcome...

    For sale 2 digital designs 3512.s


    (1) AQ HDC3 15 D1 w/Kevlar Cap $300 OBO

    Item(s) for Sale: I have (1) of my Custom built AQ HDC3 15s for sale Item(s) Description/Condition: Specifics on this woofer -HDC3 340 oz motor -Dual 1 ohm 8 layer flat wound Aluminum coil -10 gauge direct leads -v4 15 inch basket -6 spider pack suspension -Custom reinforced triple...
  19. C

    Help wiring new Sundowns and AQ1200.1

    i just got 2 sundown SA-10 D4's and an AQ1200.1 that im running of an old jvc hd radio head unit, and right now they arent impressing me at all. i had just some jl w1's and a 500 slash v2 before and they hit way harder so i know something is wrong. i thought to get to 1ohm it was all positives...

    Aq supertweet mounting?

    Ok these things are huge..too big for my pillars i believe ..depth wise..anybody have experience installing these? What works and what doesnt? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks guys

    Ppi 800.4

    looking for a ppi 800.4 aq mids and tweets..must be 100% mechanically

    4 channel for (4) aq 6.5 and (4)aq supertweets

    looking for some help and advice on what amp to buy to run 4 aq 6.5 and 4 aq supertweets...any help would be awesome ..thanks guys
  23. Nater&Hailey

    Audioque HDC4.0 12

    I just got the AQ 4.0 3 days ago and with stock alt and battery, it gets loud. Running an Alpine v-power 2000 at it at 2 ohms, great sub but very power hungry. Could sound a little better, and read another forum they are mainly constructed for COMPETITIVE use, handling up to 8k for a burp...
  24. S

    WTT Custom gaming computer for amp

    I have a Custom built Intel i5 750 @ 2.67 GHZ. Running 4 GB of DDR3 ram, 250 GB 7200 RPM Barracuda Hard Drive, a Blue Ray player and a 1 GB Evga Geforce GTX 550 ti. The video card is MINI HDMI and DVI Capable(MINI HDMI INCLUDED). The PC is powered by a true 550w power supply. Surrounding the...
  25. S

    WTF Aq2200d or SAZ-2500

    Like the title said looking for AQ2200d or 3500d. Also looking for sundown SAX-2500 or higher.
  26. Z

    Audioque 12" 2.5 series (old style) woofer

    Subwoofer: Audioque 2.5 12" Subwoofer I bought one of these for my small car (97 200sx) I built a custom 3.2 cubic foot box that takes up just about my whole trunk, the port is about 2.5" wide by 16" high give or take, not sure the hz output it is set up on. Pushing it I have a Audiopipe 1500...
  27. S

    AQ HDC4 15" or Orion HCCA 15"??????

    Whats up guys. Anyone have any experience with either one of these subs? Stuck between choosing one or the other. I currently have two 12's and Im looking to get just one ****** 15. Im going to be running a Memphis 2500rms to one of them and was just curious as to which one might be better. In...
  28. 04murdalanche

    MINTY AQ1200, $ or trade for batts, HO alt

    Item(s) for Sale: LIKE NEW AQ1200, includes bass knob Item(s) Description/Condition: **** near new, amp is in excellent condition, VERY few blemishes.. got it in a trade from @Superchevyman but im doing another big build so i dont need it.. including the bassknob which has a small chip on...
  29. Joe562MMA

    Audioque hdc3 VS custom built Evo motor Dc level 5 softparts subwoofer

    i have both of these subs and the evo motor sub already has a custom built box but i plan on getting a custom box for the audioque aswell but im not sure which i should sell or bump anyone have some insight! i have an astro van so space isnt an issue also to power the sub i will be using my...
  30. T

    Audioque HDC3 D1 12" with/without box

    Item(s) for Sale: Perfect condition Audiouque hdc312 with D1 copper coils. Not much playing time on this woofer. I had this for sale about a year ago and did not end up selling it. That is why the dates are about a year old. Item(s) Description/Condition: Perfect condition. Hardly used...
  31. I

    Which Audioque Sub/Amp combo is better for daily driving? but also the loudest?

    Audioque HDC3-18" Subwoofer Copper Coil powered by Audioque 2200D Or Audioque HDC3-18" Subwoofer Aluminum Coil powered by Audioque 2200D It says in the description for daily driving coppercoils are better? Also if anyone can give me numbers of help build a ported box for an 18" that would...
  32. Deezneez

    Back in the Game

    So Im thinking of getting another system. I havent had one in about 12yrs. Im not looking to break the bank, and Im not trying to win any competitions. But I do want a nice system The two Im stuck on are 1. 2 SKAR VVX 12's with an Audioque to push. Or Two Sundown SA-12's with an Sundown SAX...
  33. T

    Ascendant Audio Havoc vs AudioQue Hdc3

    Take your pick in a 15"
  34. T

    I want SPL what subs should i get?

    I narrowed it down to 2 Kicker L7 15's or 2 AudioQue Hdc3 15's. Witch setup is gonna hit harder? Possbaly do hair tricks
  35. Ninesvnsicks

    AudioQue Remote Gain Control

    Got a crushed one with my aq2200d so I'm looking to get one that works if anyone has one they are not using.
  36. S

    **(1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" AQ HDC3'S??**

    Hi, Just in general, which of the 2 would you choose. (1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" Audioque HDC3'S Copper A brief description why would be appreciated Thanks in advance...
  37. T

    Would underpowering (2) AudioQue HDC3 12 be a problem?

    If I power a 1000 watt amp to (2) AudioQue HDC3 12's would that damage my subs?
  38. F

    AQ or DC

    on a strictly SPL level on just over 2000rms which would be theortically better suited (louder) for competitions? or are they an even match and its simply which ever i like better?
  39. galacticmonkey

    FS: 18" Audioque HDC3

    Item(s) for Sale: 18" Audioque HDC3 Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new. Freshly rebuilt by Robin (iamamp3pimp). Dual 2ohm coils. Just hooked it up on my HT receiver (300w) just to make sure everything was working right. Price: Looking for $275 picked up or $310 shipped in the SE USA...
  40. T

    What amp would fit my setup best

    I have a AudioQue HDC3 15