im thinking about installing tweeters for the first time. i currently have an alpine idax 303 hu, 2 alpine type-r 5.25s in front speaker locations, 2 6.5s in rear deck, all 4 speakers powered by an alpine ktp-445, and a t1000-1bd w/ 2 12" kicker l5s in the trunk.

i dont know much about tweeters, just what ive read online. any input/info on which are the best/which you prefer would be appreciated



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Budget? Goal?

The easiest way with the setup you have is to go with a component set up front rather than coaxials. This will give you your external crossover with your separate mid and tweeter and then from there you can experiment with what tweeters you like until your ready to get more involved.

my budget is flexible, im looking for high goal is to take the next step in making my system sound better...ive been building it step by step up to this point and i think this should be the next thing i do (correct me if im wrong). i listen to mostly rap/hip hop (wiz khalifa, lil wayne, drake etc.) so want tweeters with a material that will enhance that type of music. im not an expert on car audio, but really enjoy it a lot...still trying to learn and improve


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