2022 Subaru BRZ - Help with components - feedback coming from passenger side tweeter only.


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Scratching my head - I am having a weird issue with my front components. Here's my setup:

Audiocontrol LC2i Pro - Using MAIN for my 2 channel - Audiocontrol ACM2.300
Morel Maximo components.

I have the tweeters mounted in the stock location in the dash, removed the factory speakers.

I have 1/0 running down the passenger side, D-blocks and all that are under the passenger rear seat.
RCA's are obviously in the trunk
Passenger side crossover, is mounted under the airbag in the dash
Drivers side crossover is mounted in the drivers side of the dash

I have the signal processor, and the speaker amp, mounted in the rear tire well. I have yet to mount my massive sub amp.

I'm getting a very high pitch whine coming from the passenger side tweeter, as I attempt to adjust my gains/levels on the LC2I/amp. Keep in mind - I am not doing this by ear. I'm using a multimeter, oscilloscope, and also some math to make sure the levels are perfect, the LC2i is outputting the 6v input sensitivity for the audiocontrol amp..Etc.

I am thinking one of things.

1) Defective tweeter
2) Defective crossover1
3) Some kind of interference from something within the dash.

I've noticed when I turn the steering wheel hard to the left or the right, you can hear this "interference" which is like a whine/humming, change pitch/sound.

This is only when the car is on - when the accessory is on...It's not present.

I am nitpicking - And once I crank it - you obviously cant hear it because those Morel components are fantastic.

Wondering for any suggestions from any fellow audiophiles out there.

I've tried two sets of speakers, and two amps. My next step, is to move the crossover and see if that helps.

Any more feedback suggestions, would be appreciated! thanks!
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