Should my door speakers produce bass?

ogloc.1574 Newbie
Feb 9, 2020
My car audio system is all custom in an 04 es330 with 2 way coaxial in all doors and a basic tweeter in the mount location. Got an 8” midrange driver in the rear deck. My speakers are tuned to produce no bass.

My friend has added a 10” sub to his car with bass remote to adjust subwoofer level. The stock head unit controls the bass the speakers put out. In some songs it sounds pretty good to have the speakers putting out bass.

What do you guys think? Should i have my door speakers putting out bass as well or will it sound bad?

Squirrel! Well Known
Feb 26, 2020
It's all a balancing act. Without automatic frequency like REW or Audyssey, you will ALWAYS have to adjust dependent on the music and how it was recorded. Personally, I want 'some' bass coming out of the door speakers, just not so much that it makes the speaker distort.

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