How to properly make a ground!!!!!

I have a battery in the back at the amps. I would like to use my dmm to check the grounds. To clarify, do I need to disconnect the battery before I check the resistance?

in my 98 Eclipse i just used the factory bolt right under the trunk floor on the left side, i used a 4awg battery terminal and sanded the paint off the trunk floor and bolted the ****er down. i only used 3' of 4awg wire for ground and 17' for the positive, kept the cost down. but Eclipse Spyders are the WORST cars to get loud because theyre soft-tops.. but it works i guess. the MOFO hits pretty decently

Here are some grounds courtesy of FHRX Studios Sydney Australia, setting the standard! Notice the triple ground point in the boot.. Very important..Every install is able to strip back to standard. Any mod in this Country can void your insurance.Fhrx Studios Pty Ltd - Audio / Visual Connoisseurs. Free Shipping Australia Wide.
Those thin pieces of aluminum will melt under a huge load... Idk hope much power your running but by the amount of wire seems like a lot... Should be 1/2" aluminum at minimum and looks like you have 1/8th thick

No mate. Its billet aluminium and he has fitted them to Lamborghinis and other prestige cars. He's an engineer who has worked for an airline. He's also a In Car Electronics Magazine Australia product reviewer and article writer.. He's fitted car entertainment at FHRX since 2003. You can give Marty a call and he will happily answer your questions or concerns. Great workmanship, Great Guy.

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The negative lead of a non-connected truck battery with dielectric discharging liquid inside with one of the caps taken off? Maybe even add a connection from the positive post to a chassis ground with a 1A inline fuse?
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