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  • What’s up bro i have a friend that I’ve been helping work on his sound system in his car and it worked perfect for three days and then it just stopped working all of a sudden and I’ve went through all of the wire and checked them and checked the fuses they are all good I don’t know what’s wrong but he don’t have a capacitor idk if that’s the problem or not
    Did you Check the ground and remote? If they're still tight, Do you see corrosion?
    Then make sure all wires are tight.
    So would using a sealed sub of some kind still be alright to round out the bass in my Honda? I honestly don't want to have a MASSIVE box in my trunk. I like have the space, and being that I work in IT...from time to time I do have to carry full systems and parts from site to site. 

    I have a 03 Mitsubishi eclipse I have two digital design 15 teens I need a box design for I would like to have something like the one that the guy quiteclipse had in his I think my port is just too small 

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    Dpc69ss has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.<br />

    <br />

    And thanks again for gettin that out!!!!

    Yes it is mine. I have owned it for several years now and just this last summer put another engine it it to drive. The centerlines are my favorite and where bought when I had my v8 s-10, sold that and put the wheels on my camaro. It's a plain jane 83 with a factory 4speed. I will be installing my roller motor in it "that I last built for the s-10" this summer, "the engine in it now was a loner". I am gonna build a better audio system for it aswell but nothing real big since it's a muscle car and I like to be able to hear the engine. Is'nt it funny how a lot of people have simular interest lol. I'm into just about everything and it consumes so much of my time.<br />

    TTYL, Russ

    thanks for giving input on the comps.<br />

    <br />

    i also would like to apologize for the other day, completely unnecessary.<br />

    i was also hoping instead of posting first. i could check with you for reference on equipment and install question that may arise.?<br />


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