1. Mr FaceCaser

    What box

    So I was thinking about getting a new box bc mine *****. I was looking at the gp car audio glue and screw box or the gately box idk witch one I should go for there's a $400 difference between them. The gp box I would probably paint before I bulit it. What would you recommend?
  2. StevenH

    JBL BassPro Nano or JBL basspro light?

    JBL BassPro Nano or JBL BassPro light? I will buy one but which one is the best of both?
  3. Flash0214

    Possible blown sub and replacement recommendation.

    Hey guys question for everyone here. My system is simple. Need help determining if my sub is blown and if so why? Was I wrong to go with a single 12 2ohm sub? Head unit: Pioneer with flat eq. No crossovers set Amp: Kenwood excelon xr901-5 Sub: Pioneer TS-A120B set for 2ohm. I’ve had this in my...
  4. 21gsmith


    So I blew my 10” alpine type r subs being a dumbass, any recommendations on 2 10s I should get. I was thinking about getting 3 8s from scar. I want something that hits deep. Please let me know
  5. D

    Recommend me an amplifier for my car & speakers

    Hello guys, I currently have Opel Astra 3 door car, which is pretty small car, and wanted to upgrade the audio system, bought a good Sony CD player with bluetooth, and those speakers - Hertz DSK 170.3 & Hertz CX 165, they are rated from 80W to almost 200, they have different Watt ratios so my...
  6. A

    Best sub that hits loud but sounds good

    Can anyone out there recommend a subwoofer that can shake the hell out of my car when I turn the gain up but give accurate bass when I dont feeling like just listening to bass and want accurate good sounding bass. I'm looking more for a SQL sub.
  7. A

    How many RCA's will I need?

    My list of gear as follows 1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)             -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12" 1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)              - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component              - 2x pioneer 260w 6"...
  8. fuzziekiwi

    Subwoofer Recommendation/Sound Science

    Number of subs preferred: 1 or 2 Size preferred (if configuration allows): 10" or 12" Budget: Maximum $180 per subwoofer Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): will pick accompanying amp Goals: SQ > loudness. More torwards accurate, tight bass. I don't like muddy...
  9. R

    Amp Recommendation

    Hey all! Looking for a new amp to replace my precision power monoblock. Looking for 1000 watt RMS class D monoblock under 150$ with an fuse rating of 60A total. Currently pulling 140A when my alternator can only supply 120A. Getting some headlight dim and hoping this will resolve the problem...
  10. A

    Subwoofer recommendation

    I hate to ask this question because you guys must get this a lot. But I'm new to audio systems and I've tried to figure this out but I can't. I need an entire setup amps, subs , box(I don't know if I want ported or sealed not too sure what the benefits are of each.) Looking for: 2 subs 12...
  11. H

    Need Recommendations for an Amp

    I'm looking to purchase an amp and speakers, but I have no idea which amp to buy. The speakers I'm looking to buy: Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver): Electronics Ideally, I'd like an amp that's cheap-ish and will get the job done well. In one review...
  12. R

    Help with amp recommendation

    Hello everyone, I am soon going to be upgrading my audio setup in a 2005 Toyota 4Runner SR5. I currently have the following installed: Pioneer AVH-P2400BT Head Unit Polk Audio DB651 Speakers (rear) [60 watts RMS at 4 ohm] Polk Audio DB6501 Speakers (front) [100 watts RMS at 4 ohm] I've...
  13. Ninesvnsicks

    I need some amp recommendations.

    Hey everyone, my brother just picked up a couple of custom american bass hd15d1's with 1.5ohm voice coils and he needs an amp(s) to run them what would you guys recommend to power them adequately for a decent price he doesn't have a lot of money to work with. The last amp he told me he was...
  14. R

    Open to new ideas, please let me know what you think!

    Hi everyone, I need a recommendation for my dailiy driver. I have a budget of 1k. I am currently looking at either jl 10w7 or jl 10w6v2 or 12w6v2 with a 500/1v2. I understand that there are many forums around here about the pros and cons of these two subs. It is important to note that I can...
  15. P

    My 1999 Honda Passport

    Last year I had new speakers installed and they've got really good sound quality. However, I've been listening to more bass filled music lately, and I have no bass in my system at all. I've got about $650 and I have no clue about sound systems. I'd be extremely thankful if anyone knowledgable...
  16. C

    speaker recommendations

    Hi im new here but i was wondering if you all could help me out with some speaker recommendations for my car, as i dont know much about car audio at the moment. I am going to buy 2 4x6 inch speakers and 2 6x9 speakers. It is complicated as to why, but my absolute budget for the 4x6s is 80 and my...
  17. J

    System recommendation?

    I bought a used 2007 Chevy Silverado classic and the speakers, factory, need to be replaced. Listening to music while driving is a must so I'm ready to upgrade my system. However, I need some help deciding how much to spend and what will give me the sound I'm looking for. My mother recently...