Crossover/wiring help for '19 ecosport install

mrnobudy Newbie
Apr 18, 2021
Lincoln, NE
Yes, I am a total newbie to all this. I am putting in a new set of speakers in my wifes '19 Ford Ecosport.

I am putting in JL C2 650 component speakers.
I do not have an amp.

I did the basic installation fine, but I wasn't sure on the crossover wiring. As of now, I don't have them in, but after the sound being, well, not good, I think that is where I screwed up.

Rear and center dash speaker are fine, its the front door/column tweets that are puzzling me.

These pics are from the passenger side. The purple(+)/orange(-) are spliced directly to the tweeter, and they also come out the door harness where the bigger speakers are.

So, are those wires (purple/orange) the power wires for the speakers/tweeters?
-Would those need to be capped off in the door column and the corresponding wire in the door panel/harness need to be clipped/stripped and into the 'In +/-' on the crossover?
- and then run wire from the tweeter through the chassis to the door panel/crossover?
-The harness would be completely discarded and then the +/- for the door speaker into the crossover?
I have attached some pictures to hopefully help. Thanks for any input.


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