1. SamuraiRob

    2017 cherokee latitude help with sub

    I have installed a alpine sub and amp, using a line output converter it all works but the bass stays steady and does not change with the volume. All setting on amp and loc work and are set. But there is something that is making the bass not adjust with the volume. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. Paris Clark

    How can I increase volume on my speakers with a low wattage headunit

    So I installed one of those android style touch screen radios in my car (I can find the exact one if needed but my question is pretty general) along with a sub system and now my bass is much louder than my mid audio because I didn’t realize the wattage output is so low in the new radio and lacks...
  3. F

    HU volume level

    This may sound like a dumb question but, how high is too high? I personally like my volume cranked when listening to certain songs. I was tinkering around with my volume on the HU and maxed it out and it was clean and hard. Zero distortion, just slammed hard. But I got to wondering, is this...
  4. E

    SSA Zcon 12”s

    I have two SSA Zcon 12. Question: Was wondering what volume I should use for a single Zcon 12”? Currently I’m using my DD712 enclosure: 2.72 cubes. 33HZ. 6” Round port. Was thinking 4 cubes. I’m going MDF on my next ports so it can handle more pressure! I try to go screwless on everything...
  5. TSM


    My subwoofers pop when I reach a certain volume. No voltage drop not clipping. Also if I push one sub the other sub moves divided enclosure no leaks. Only does it when subs are hooked to amp.
  6. K

    Volume Sensitivity

    I have a kenwood excelon touch screen similar to the ddx6906s but i think it’s a bit older, for some reason when it gets to higher volumes the volts from the amp (measured w multimeter) will jump by 4-6 volts per volume level and wherever i set my gain it only plays within even 6 volts of max at...
  7. S

    Volume Knob

    I need a volume knob. I intend to install a new head unit with navigation, but the thing that I don't like about all the new SWDR ( Software Defined Radio ) is that they do not have a volume knobs. Just buttons to push. Several vendors manufacture volume knobs for PC(s) and MAC(s) that are...
  8. S

    Volume goes up and down sometimes.

    So I just noticed this issue, Imagine playing green day and there's a slow soft part, then the rock and drums kick in. At the rock part the sound kind of "flimmers" it's unstable and sounds very bad and not constant. I don't know what's causing the issue if it's the amp that's underpowered or...
  9. P

    Help! Amplifier max output for Speakers!

    Greetings to everyone! Guys, just a simple question regarding amplifiers. I bought a 500w amp, 2-channel bridge. So, do I have 500w on each channel (for 2x 500w speakers) or I should consider the sum of both (for 250w speakers)? I bought 2x speakers, for rear only (Alpine SXE-6925S, 6 x 9...
  10. S

    2010 Toyota camry volume button not working

    My volume button is the same as my on/off switch for radio. I hit it and it turns it on and off but when I try and turn up the volume it is stuck on 12. But no sound is coming out! I've looked at the fuses and they are all ok. I've looked in the trunk and everything seems ok. Tried wiggling...
  11. D

    High Volume Distortion

    I'm having an issue with my new car audio setup at high volumes. My head unit goes to 50, but after 35 or so the high and low pitch noises become distorted; the mid level pitches sound fine. I have pre-amp wiring going from my head unit to my amp that pushes 60 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms to my...
  12. J

    Tweeter volume help

    I have a 2005 Saturn VUE with the 6-speaker option (4 in the doors with 2 tweeters in the front pillars. I have a JVC Arsenal KDA735BT stereo with Polk DB1001 tweeters (set up with the included crossovers and clipped wires to cut 3 dB). I also have four Polk DXi651s speakers in the doors. The...
  13. SirPudge

    Fi BL18 Ported Box Design Help

    Vehicle : 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LT Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 30 x 36.5 x 16(Might have to be lower to fit) Subwoofer make and model: Fi BL18 Subwoofer Size: 18" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot, on...
  14. L

    Volume of head unit increases too quickly

    I recently put an AVH-2400BT in my 2003 Tahoe and I really like it. The only problem is that it gets too loud too quickly. The loudest that I can listen to it at is either 7 or 8. Anything above that and I feel like I'm going to blow my speakers. I've talked to a few people who have said...
  15. S

    REALLY Need Advice - Volume keeps going up/down on it's own, even while at idle.

    I recently just had installed 2 12" Kicker CVR's (400 RMS each) a 750 RMS mono Kicker amp, and a 650x4 channel Kicker amp and a pair of 6.5" and 5.25" Focal Access (60 watt RMS each speaker), and OAWG Kicker amp wiring kit, in a 2004 Cadillac CTS. This was professionally installed by a highly...
  16. D

    Box for single Alpine SWR 1043D

    Hey all, I just got into the Subwoofer department with a single Alpine SWR 1043D running on an Alpine M500/1. I just ran all the wiring in my car and I'm waiting to build my box. Here is where I needed a little advice. I want to tune the box to 32-34hz to get a good range of benefits from the...
  17. P

    Amp going into protection at high volume.

    Ive had my system for around 8 months without any issue. Then my battery cable became corroded and i needed to replace the power wire that ran from my fuse to my battery. In this process i went ahead and upgraded my battery and now when i play my system the amp cuts out and goes into protection...