1. D

    12" Recommendations 2500w RMS Below $600

    I'm looking for recommendations on a single 12" sub around 2500w RMS, trying to stay below $600. I will be using WinISD and probably SubBox.pro to build my own box. I'm not looking to compete, listen mostly to rap and hip-hop, looking for loud as possible, but not low as possible (probably in...
  2. B

    COMPLETED WANTED ORION CO154S 15" sub single 4 ohm

    Does anyone have a working ORION COBALT CO154S for sale?
  3. House Stereo beefy.jpg

    House Stereo beefy.jpg

    Currently my house stereo plus some of my extra gear. Running the (2) Massive Audio DC-10's and the 15" Kicker SOLO-BARIC L7 all parallel to each other and to the amp. A .67 ohm load for a house setup isn't too shabby. The MTX Thunder 4500's will be added in with my Concept 2502L @ 2ohm.
  4. G

    COMPLETED Orion hcca 15 2 ohm

    Looking for two orions 15s older 2500rms version or new version… cannot find anywhere
  5. Boboblittz

    Orion HCCA3000.1dsplx Start up problem, clicking noise

    Hello all Ive had an Orion hcca300.1dsplx for a couple of months now. Amazing amplifier! But Im in the process of getting an rma which is proving to be difficult to say the least.  I have never had an issue like this. The amplifier when given power turns on and the light is green as well as...
  6. D

    2 152 orion 2ohm install ideas for 2004 chevy silverado blow through. Ohms?box type

    I have two dvc Orion 15 Subs 2 ohms. what is the best way to wire it up .5 ohms or 2 ohms looking for that deep bass and is it possible to run two speakers in the same box with 2 different amps because I have 1 Orion 2500.1 could I wire them separate at 1 ohm and connect to two amps? Also...
  7. O

    Orion hcca 6th order wall design 08 dodge ram 1500 crewcab

    I'm looking for a design for a 6th order wall design for 4 orion hcca 124 12s. Preferabley center port.
  8. Q

    Power for my Orion HCCA?

    I just ordered an Orion HCCA 12" and I've been digging all over for an amp that will put out some sorta decent wattage at 2 ohms. So far, all I have found for a decent price is the Hifonics MT Olympus Colossus Pro 5K, which puts out 2500 watts at 2 ohms for $450. My budget is up to $600. Thanks...
  9. A

    1000 watt+ rms 12" sub?

    Any recommendations on a 12 @ 2 ohms with over 1000 watts rms and under $300? Has anyone heard the new ORION XTRPRO124D? Or the Lanzar OPTI1234D? I'm looking for something for a daily driver, had an NVX VCW on a 1000 watt jbl amp but the amp was way too much for it to handle with the gain...
  10. B

    Orion Hcca 12.2 Box design Critique?

    After much toil and measurements (including plotting everything in winisd pro) i have decided on a box design for my Orion Hcca 12.2 with a new black coil. Can anyone critique this design/ give me any last pointers? Any pointers will be appreciated!
  11. adulbrich

    Holy Zapco!

    Ok.. who's collection is this? Zapco Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 650 300 Orion Hcca Car Audio Amplifiers | eBay $45,540.00 plus $29.48 shipping, lol. I bet real shipping would ****..
  12. N

    Need advise. please.

    I have an Orion H2 Dual 10.4 2500w, 3 Orion H2 Dual 10.2 2500w, and two Orion HCCA D2400watt amp. How would I hook them up to get the max potential? Any help would be greatly appriceated.
  13. Q

    Selling Orion HCCA 2100 Competition amp. Old Skool.

    Item(s) for Sale: Old Skool Orion amp. HCCA 2100 Competition. Item(s) Description/Condition: Used amp but overall looks really good and works perfect. Price: I have it on ebay auction starting at $390. Feel free to go check it out. Its the only one on ebay. (10/17/2014) Shipping and...

    Orion 2500d

    Item(s) for Sale: ORION 2500D (Chrome) Item(s) Description/Condition: The amp is in great shape. Ran on strong eletrical system never below 1ohm. Power Output 1000 x 1 @ 4 OHM 1700 x 1 @ 2 OHM 2500 x 1 @ 1 OHM Externally Bridgeable no Remote Gain Function yes Distortion at Rated...
  15. W

    Orion HCCA 10.4 10" 1500 RMS 3000 MAX (old style silver).

    Item(s) for Sale: Orion HCCA 10.4 I have two of them and they are killing my ears... Item(s) Description/Condition: The newer versions of these subs are black, but I had this one for awhile. She works perfectly (there is some minor cosmetic damage). Price: 230 + 70 to ship via UPS because...
  16. SkwurlyFab

    WTB: 12" Orion HCCA 12.2 Subwoofer Recone Kit

    Blew my 12" HCCA 12.2 Orion sub, need to find a recone kit or top assembly to fix it up. Can't find em anywhere online. If you got one you want to get rid of let me know! Post up and shoot me a PM for fastest response. I can pay by paypal and have cash ready to go. Thanks Here's a picture of...
  17. DallasOldSchool

    Any thoughts on an amp? Check out these rare Orions HZ Bass

    I need some amp suggestions for these. I'm sticking with what I know and that's made in the USA. Thinking a soundstream reference 500 or an old sony. If you have experience with these subs please reply. I'm doing a small sealed for them but I might sell two. Rms is 300 watts and sensitivity...
  18. NIHL8ION

    Orion HCCA-D1200 Mono Block Amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Orion HCCA-D1200 Mono Block Amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Cosmetic: 8/10 Mechanically 10/10 - Amp works great, has never seen over or under voltages, and never ran below 1 ohm. (Currently Running @ 2 ohm on a single DD 12" 1000 series sub - Sub is Also FOR SALE as...
  19. Ahh that's much better :D

    Ahh that's much better :D

    Finishing touches on my self-built enclosure...
  20. jasonbillnelson

    Looks like a **** good deal if you're Orion Subwoofer Fans! Check it out

    http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/photo.php?fbid=427395620675979&set=a.244384392310437.58032.103762653039279&type=1&theater Car Stereo Giant is looking for people interested in this. If you are interested in some Orion Subwoofers, Like the page and comment saying you are down!
  21. T

    cheaper Amplifier for Orion 2 H2 12.4s

    I just picked up two orion h2 12.4s for pretty cheap in a ported box. Im pretty new to the higher end car audio scene just looking for some fairly priced amp suggestions for everyday use. I was looking into two Planet Audio 2400.1s Id like to safely get as much out of these as possible but...
  22. obidon

    Box specs for old school Orion HCCA 12D 1200w subwoofer

    On the cone, it says HCCA in white with red outlining it and then Orion under it. I'm thinking it may be from 1998 but I'm not sure. There is an extremely limited amount of info about this model online. I called Orion, they really don't know and all the car audio places around here just give me...
  23. A

    Orion C63 Coaxials speakers

    Item(s) for Sale: Orion C63 Coaxials speakers Item(s) Description/Condition: Used but not abused just a lil dusty too but both speaker and tweeter works perfectly 10/10 mechanical and 8/10 cosmetic and also comes with crossover but no grilles Price: $40 obo plus shipping Shipping and...
  24. I

    Orion old school 2150sx second gen digital reference rare + orion 200crx eq

    Item(s) for Sale: ORION OLD SCHOOL 2150SX SECOND GEN DIGITAL REFERENCE RARE + ORION 200CRX CROSS-OVER Item(s) Description/Condition: ORION OLD SCHOOL 2150SX SECOND GEN DIGITAL REFERENCE RARE + ORION 200CRX CROSS-OVER OK, the amp and crossover work perfectly, and the cases have NEVER been...
  25. S

    AQ HDC4 15" or Orion HCCA 15"??????

    Whats up guys. Anyone have any experience with either one of these subs? Stuck between choosing one or the other. I currently have two 12's and Im looking to get just one ****** 15. Im going to be running a Memphis 2500rms to one of them and was just curious as to which one might be better. In...
  26. DukeDurham

    ***WANTED*** Old School ORION HCCA 15D Subs

    I'm looking for Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs that are in **NEW, MINT, or EXCELLENT** condition. They must have dual 2 Ohm voicecoils. These are not the late model subs that are so common. These were built in '99 - '00 just before Orion's buy out by DEI. I'm looking for 5 or 6 subs total, but...
  27. H

    Orion HCCA 15

    I have an orion hcca 15 with 12 guage wire hooked up to it. I want to get the most of the sub i can. Do you think 10 guage will make a big difference? thnx, Cody
  28. J

    Looking for old 2ntense woofers and the 1st HCCA woofers. Had white HCCA on front

    If they are in great shape, got the cheese for you!!!
  29. J

    Looking for old school orion amps!!! Nt and hcca

    I am looking for orion hcca 250's the last one made right before orion was taken over by dei. I also looking for any older hcca amps. I really am looking for a 100nt 0r 200nt amp!!!!! Concept also flow not a issue
  30. H

    Which 12'' sub is better? orion or re audio xxx?

    Hey trying to help my friend pick two new 12'' subs. All ideas, personal use and any other recommendations would be GREAT! my friend is driving a honda civic coupe!
  31. H

    Which amp is better?

    Hey i have a kicker solo x 18'' and i was wondering out of these two amps would be best to power it. Orion D5000 or the Hifonics Bxi2608d? I know the orion is a good brand and same for hifonics so all advice is appreciated
  32. purify

    Orion 225 & 200 CRX crosser, also a 225 'shell'

    Orion 225 with Crossover & blown Orion 'Shell' The First 225 is in good functional shape, but not great physical shape. I got it from a friend, and had to buy a blown 225, to get the endcaps. The two push knobs for EQ and Mono are broken off. They still function. There are some scratches on...
  33. 30Hertz

    30Hertz's 02 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner, 15" Brahma MKII

    Been perusing the forum for a while now. Not really new to car audio but have been out of the mix for a few years and decided I'd build myself a new box since I've got some time. Currently I'm using: Sub: 15" Brahma MKII powered by an Orion 2500d. Components: Diamond Audio D6's powered by a...
  34. H

    Amp help!

    What do people think of the orion d5000? Are they worth the money? Trying to join two d5000 together to power a kicker solo x 18 and am not sure on voltage. Currently got two yellow tops going to get another two and upgrade the alternator.
  35. beach22

    Treo SSX 10" or motors

    I'm look to get two more Treo SSX 10"s or a Treo motor from one. Also looking for Adire Brahma MkII 10"s or motors.
  36. beach22

    Re xxx 18 D1

    Item(s) for Sale: RE XXX 18 Item(s) Description/Condition: i have a RE XXX 18 with fresh FI re-cone not even 10 hours on it. i will take $450 shipped $400 picked up or $600 picked up with 8 cubic ft box made with 1 3/8 wood, with removable port one at 34Hz for daily and other at 48HZ for a...
  37. beach22

    Oklahoma spl/sq who's coming?

    Tulsa shows April 24th hooters, 30th car toys,6th and 7th at the drag strip. Who will make it to any or all?
  38. beach22

    WTB Adire Brahma MkII 10"s or motors

    want to buy or trade for Brahma MkII subs preferably 10"s any shape.
  39. W

    wanting to buy KICKER AUDIO Banner! (Picture)

    Hello all! Just posting to see if anyone out there has this exact banner! Really in love with this thing and I would pay some decent money if someone had one in good condition they were willing to part with. thanks -matt p.s. the banner is believe is 8 ft by 4 ft.
  40. J

    Few questions about 2500wrms system.

    I will be running a FI BTL 15 d2 off of an Orion 2500d. Box is about 4 cubes tuned to 34z. I have a 180 amp alt, an optima yellow top for front battery, and a batcap 800 for back battery. I will have big 3 done in 2/0 welding cable. questions: 1. Is it worth having multiple runs of 0 gauge...