Orion 225 & 200 CRX crosser, also a 225 'shell'


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Orion 225 with Crossover & blown Orion 'Shell'

The First 225 is in good functional shape, but not great physical shape. I got it from a friend, and had to buy a blown 225, to get the endcaps. The two push knobs for EQ and Mono are broken off. They still function. There are some scratches on the face, and the back is in poor shape, scratches and some looks like it had some stickers. The Crossover looks a little worn off. Just tested today. Works well but sold as is.


The Second is basically just a shell of a 225. I purchased it blown, looks like a transistor blew. It has the push knobs in tact but I never got around to switching them to the working 225. It has no back or side panels. THIS ONE IS BLOWN.Basically just for parts

The functional 225 w crossover $130 + actual shipping

The blown 'shell' SOLD I am in zip code 50010













Contact with any comments questions or concerns. Thanks!

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