Need advise. please.


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Nov 26, 2014
Oklahoma City, Ok
I have an Orion H2 Dual 10.4 2500w, 3 Orion H2 Dual 10.2 2500w, and two Orion HCCA D2400watt amp. How would I hook them up to get the max potential? Any help would be greatly appriceated.



B2,singer,ampere rep
Sep 6, 2009
monterey , ca
Mix matching subs is a recipe for disaster or at least disappointment.
^^^^^this^^^^^. Different specs and ts parameters will usually cause cancellation issues sell one of the subs. Buy a mating to the other. Then strap the amps on both subs


hispls Veteran
Sep 10, 2009
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
How would I strap the amps? The amps are mono Amps with two speaker hook up. Will that mess anything up?
I don't believe those Orion amps strap. Just pick ONE TYPE of sub and buy or trade into enough to do what you want.

Try to dig up a copy of the manual to see if your amps can be strapped.


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