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Audio System Setup

Found 7 results

  1. I have tried so many things but none worked so far. I have a JVC KW-DB93BT and a McHammer Mystic 5.1 amp. When i connect 1 RCA cable to my amp from my head unit there is no whine, but as soon as i put in the other RCA cable into the head unit alternator noise starts coming from the speakers that are connected to the amp. I also tried a few fixes from this pinned topic (>>>Engine whine and ground loop fixes... take two) but none have worked so far.
  2. Hello all Ive had an Orion hcca300.1dsplx for a couple of months now. Amazing amplifier! But Im in the process of getting an rma which is proving to be difficult to say the least. I have never had an issue like this. The amplifier when given power turns on and the light is green as well as the fan is spinning. No sounds comes out and it just makes a clicking noise over and over and over and doesnt play sound. The only way to make it play is to keep cutting power and turning it back on until it works. Thats not okay. Has anybody ever experienced this and know how to fix this? It seems to do it more when it's colder outside. Like I said, the amplifier is awesome but if anyone has experienced this, please talk about your experience. Thanks! Brandon
  3. I picked up a 2000 ford lightning about two years ago that already had a stereo system installed. Recently i took off the kick panels on the doors to put new vinyl on them. during the process i removed the speakers and tweeters and kept the crossovers in the door. Ive also done some window work replacing both the motors and regulators. A couple of weeks ago my driver side door mid developed an extremely loud tone. It typically only makes this tone after Ive been listening to music for a while and it does not sound like the typical high frequency alternator whine. the best way i can describe it is if you spoke the number one and just carried out the "ne" at the end of it indefinitely. i have no idea whats causing this sound and it doesn't seem to affect the tweeter coming off of the same crossover. with all of the work ive done to the panels and windows my gut tells me its something inside the door and isolated from the headunit and amp. any guesses would be great as a visual inspection turned up nothing. thanks for the help
  4. I just installed an amp to power my door and rear deck speakers and a new more powerful am for my subs (Subs were very underpowered before, using stock head unit with speaker level inputs on both subs) and there is a very loud hissing noise from the speakers and does not seem to be audible from the subs with the amp's crossover set around 150 Hz. It's so loud I can hear it at all volume levels. I discovered last night the sound completely goes away when the headlights get turned on. Both amps are wired to the exact same ground point, so I do not believe I have a ground loop. Anyone know how I might fix this? This is on a 2011 Civic btw.
  5. Installed my first car audio system last month and extremely happy with the results. Sounds great, get's the job done, and it was within my budget. I started tuning my amps and getting the best sound possible out of my system, but noticed I have a faint hiss // static noise in the background. 4-Channel amp gain is turned all the way DOWN to prevent the hiss from being louder...Higher the gain, louder the hiss becomes. When I connect my phone and pause the music, I can hear the hiss. If i'm listening to music, I don't hear it at all. It's still there but you can't really hear it over vocals. I've done a bit of research and found the PAC-SNI-1 Ground Loop Isolator and hoping it helps eliminate this static noise but I have no clue how to install the thing! I have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler with a stock 430N HU that uses a PAC AOEM-CHR3 adapter which connects to my mono amp + 4-chan amp. For installation, I tried connecting the PAC GLI directly to the amp, but I still got static noise. There are also 2 brown wires on the PAC GLI which are the ground wires, not sure where to ground these...Do I run them directly to my amp's ground or splice into an area behind my HU? Thanks!
  6. Vandii

    Amp noise

    I have a static/white noise coming from my 4 channel. I was trouble shooting a radio problem but when the rcas were disconnected from my amp, i still had the static. I have the same noise with multiple grounds. What causes the noise on the amp with power, ground, remote and speaker wire connected?
  7. I have a constant buzz/white noise when the car is off/on. Its not alternator whine, its a constant steady tone. Unplugging rcas from amp ends the static. When playing ito amp from phone the static is gone. I regrounded the amp, sanded paint and have the same noises. Rerouted rcas and it helped slightly but still static. The last recommendation i revieved is the noise s comming into the system from head units power or ground and thay i should ground the head unit to the chassis. Im grounded through the wire harness. Also there are random popping noise in the speakers such as when high beams are turned on or ABS is activated. Lastly, when turning off the vehicle there is sqeaking that goes through the speakers.