1. A

    WANTED Cassette deck

    Maybe looking to buy a “nice-ish” cassette deck for my 77 f150 build. Would consider one with cd changer also. Let me know if any are still around. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Free Air Subs

    Im looking to put 4 10” or 4 8” subs in my rear deck panel of my Lincoln town car. I don’t have room in my trunk do to my hydraulic system. What are some good subs that would work in a free air/IB configuration. Or what specs would I need to look for on a subwoofer to determine if they are free...
  3. Nick Miles

    Adjusting the gain in my kenwood head unit

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to car audio but I need to find the source of my system having really high pitchy ness when the high notes are hit on just about any song at decently high volume. I talked with a friend of mine he said first adjust the EQ to lower the right part of the line graph down...
  4. J

    USB bluetooth adapter compatibility with USB deck ??

    I am considering the purchase of a "wireless usb dongle". Generally designed to make non-blueooth computers compatible with bluetooth devices. My question is, Would a device such as this be compatible with a stereo head unit that is USB compatible but not bluetooth compatible? My only other...
  5. stevknd2

    2000 Ford Taurus Dash Kit

    Today I pulled my dash kit out of my 2000 Ford Taurus, it's the rectangular shaped one with the 4 holes (2 on each side) that pulls out with a special key. Well I only had one of those keys so while I was taking it out one of the clips broke off. I am going to attempt to gorilla glue it, but I...
  6. O

    HELP Deck & dash electrical keeps shorting out after recent re-wiring

    OK I barely know anything about this Im just a girl trying to fix my system so I appreciate any help and apologize for lack of knowledge I can find out specifics of what I have if needed. I have an 02 Mitsubishi Lancer that I bought off a kid who had a sub hook up already wired as well as a...
  7. Mr.meyhem

    LOC vs. New deck, under $130.

    I have an 09 honda civic lx. So i don't want to be cutting it up. But i was thinking bout mounting a deck where the cup holders r or in the glove box. The LOC would prbly cost less and be easier to install, but i've heard they don't give you the best sound quality. Any tips on which to go...
  8. trailshunn

    Rear deck subwoofer installation (multiple woofers in back deck)

    I am looking to install either two square 15 inch Solo-Baric L5 subs, or either four square 12 inch power acoustic subs in the rear deck of a 91 Chevy Caprice. This is the bubble style Caprice Classic. I'm a professional when it comes to cutting any kind of body work and i plan on making the...
  9. destined2race

    Eclipse 6600 Navigation/DVD/5v

    Item(s) for Sale: Eclipse 6600 Double Din Item(s) Description/Condition: Very nice shape, Original Box. Only missing the cd changer harness. Did not get optional remote orignially. $1999.99 Retail new. only a few years old, works flawlessly.. Here are the specs: DVD/CD player with...
  10. C

    Alpine CDA-9855 $180/bo

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine Cda 9855 Item(s) Description/Condition: I would say great to excellent for a used unit. I didnt clean it before pics. Buttons are all there in terms of the writing, screen is very good. time alignment, and all the goodies. with a remote. General Product Type Radio /...
  11. shahir

    Alpine CDA-7894 MP3/CD Player Headunit

    Price $185 Shipped in the US - FIRM!!! Contact information call/text @ 281.235.8554 Is the item new or used Used ----------------------------------------------------- Product description This is a Mint Condition Alpine CDA-7894 SQ (Sound Quality) Head Unit... Comes with harness, cage...
  12. N

    Kenwood DNX 6960

    To people that have owned this deck, would you say that it is: 1- overall a good deck? 2- worth the (about) 800 dollars? 3- has a fast processing speed with all its functions? 4- i had a quesiton about the usb cable as well. to hook up an ipod, do you need to buy a seporate cord that i see...
  13. M

    help problems with my amps

    hi i am having some weird problems with my amps and deck i just put in 2 new 15' woofers in my truck and a new d class amp and a nice dvd head unit about 2 mouths ago. it was all working fine for a wile but all of a sudden my d class amp started to go into protect mode and my other amp that...
  14. S

    Installed my system, but the subs aren't working.

    Need some advice. I put my subs in yesterday with the help of a few friends (ok, more like with the help of one friend and the company of two others), anddddd... they don't work. I mean, they should. Even if they're blown they should still produce some sort of sound. I've got power to the amp...
  15. D

    is this a wiring problem?? see details??

    so just today i pulled the stock head unit out of my 94 jeep. got the new one in and it works fine... just one problem. theres no sound. if anyone can help with this please let me know thank you
  16. sizzl3r

    Clarion HU Producing No Sound

    I have a Clarion CZ200 (here's a pic). Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more anyway, I have it installed in my 99 ford ranger with a 10'' punch sub and 200 watt jensen Amp. My brother, who was driving the car at the time when the sound stopped...
  17. my_stealth21

    SOLD Clarion DZX265 head unit

    I have this Clarion head unit for sale, I picked up a new one a while back and this one was just sitting around. It works perfectly no problems at all. It comes with the wiring harness and original box. Here is a link for the specs Clarion DXZ265 - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix...
  18. Eclipse cd8053

    Eclipse cd8053

  19. alpine 7998

    alpine 7998

  20. alpine 7998

    alpine 7998