1. B

    How to use test tones without blowing stock vehicle speakers?

    I bought a volt meter and oscilloscope. Wanted to check for clipping, voltage etc. But when I turn up my system to like 13 of 63, it sounds like the stock speakers (door speakers etc. aftermarket subs are disconnected, vehicles stock sub is still working because I'm using the PAC AmpPRO SUB...
  2. L

    How accurate is the clipping light on the bass knob

    So I have a Skar audio 4500.1D amplifier And the bass knob came with a clip light, and doing some test with it, the light comes on way before the subs start audibly clipping, should I trust the light or audibly?
  3. H

    Test tones

    Gains, heard do it by ear I can't seem to hear when clipping is there away to visual see it on sub. With dmm I have subs disconnected, if play music or test tones with connected would I be able to see when it's clipping ? And would uf no test tones are used ?
  4. Goofyah car

    Can a song that is clipping damage my sub or amp?

    Hello i just installed my new two 15's subs. They are connected to 3000w amp. I was looking for a good demo song, then i came across a good rebassed song that ''shakes'' my car the best out of all other tracks. The problem is that the song is clipping when i checked it on audacity. Can this...
  5. T

    Sub keeps going out. Why?

    I have a 2015 Audi A5 coupe that was taken to a an audio shop back in 2019 to get subs installed. At this time, I had bought a Skar audio package online, it had 2 8in subs, the wiring kit, and a 1200w amp. It was my first sound system, so I just got what my friends had. The 2 8’s lasted for...
  6. C


    Just finished installing a full system in my 2017 F150 (had the factory Sony package). Stock factory 8 inch radio Rockford Fosgate DSR1 to by pass factory amp (4 gauge power wire and ground wire direct from the battery) Rockford Fosgate T1000X5ad amp Kenwood Excelon XR-1801P 7" Component...
  7. C

    Car Audio for Street/Strip car

    Hi'ers! I have a 2001 Camaro with the monsoon amp removed, Kenwood KMM-BT228U headunit, and 4 JBL CLUB 6520 6.5 speakers. My car is used as a bracket racing car, but I'm not a rich man, I drive it to the track. It has a relatively/very loud exhaust system (single 4" bullet muffler...
  8. WillisMyName

    Issues with clipping

    I apologize ahead of time if I am not asking in the right place. I have one X-12 v.2 by Sundown in a custom ported box. The amp powering it right now is an SFB 2000d I've done the Big 3 as well as replaced my factory alternator with a high amp one. I've tuned it best I can using the clip light...
  9. S

    Volume goes up and down sometimes.

    So I just noticed this issue, Imagine playing green day and there's a slow soft part, then the rock and drums kick in. At the rock part the sound kind of "flimmers" it's unstable and sounds very bad and not constant. I don't know what's causing the issue if it's the amp that's underpowered or...
  10. Cuznfkr

    Full gain?

    I have a Skar rp1500.1 and it’s on 4 jl 10w1v2s , they’re asking for ~ 250w rms each. I tuned the amp the old fashioned way because I don’t have all the fancy doo dads. My amp is at almost full gain , it is at about 94% gain. Is this ok? Will the amp clip at such a high level?
  11. ContV

    Boss head and alpine speakers (clipping?)

    Hello, I have just installed a cheapish 80 Watt Boss BVCP9685A and a pair of Alpine SPR-50C (100W) in a Mercedes Sprinter using the factory wires. The crossovers are set to -4db. The problem is the speakers are clipping (or distorting?) as soon as I get to around 30% volume with the twitters...
  12. I

    Clipping(?) with two 12" Pioneer subs

    Let me first point out that I'm not entirely sure if this is even clipping, I sent in a support ticket to Pioneer and that's what they said it was. So I got two new 12" Pioneer Champion Pro (TSW3003D4) (that are rated at 600w RMS, 2000w Peak) hooked up to an RE Audio DTS1000.1 with 2 gauge...
  13. RChillin

    Amp clipping question?

    Hey guys. I had a quick question on amp clipping. If you can't meet the electrical and amplifier wants to make its power , will it try to make that power with the less voltage and amperage ? And if so can this result in a clipped signal being sent out? My amp used to run fine with barely...
  14. T

    Amp clipping at low volume on a rf 2500bd and i have the big 3, 0 gauge,n dual batts?

    Hi like i said i have a big amp with i thought was enough power with my 2 deep cycle batts, 0 gauge all around, and a beefed up al. I thought i had a voltage regulator prob before but i got it replaced (or so they say) i know i have a good ground because i ohmd it out, bass boost at 0, and im...
  15. _dontaskwhy

    Bottoming out or just clipping the sh.t

    Like the title says. the flapping noise is it bottoming out or clipping bad. Been playing for about 30 minutes full tilt coming from work. Amp and sub were warm
  16. T

    clipping issues..........

    Will clipping from the head unit to the amp pose and issue with my amps failing or would it just damage my subwoofers? I was looking on some smd forums as well as a vid, and it seems like it might be the issue causing my amps to go out on me Rca wise.
  17. S

    RMS power for a 600W RMS JL 10w6v2

    Hey guys, I am getting a 10w6v2 for a great price from a friend, and am going to buy an amp to power it. It has 600W RMS/1200W peak handling. From reading the forums and other sources, I want to get an amp where i don't have to worry about clipping too much, and don't have to max the gain to...