Why not component in the rear?

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The Focal RSE-165 are on sale and I really like how they sound for the price point. Unfortunately there isn't a matching coax for them. I've read the arguement about ditching the rears or not important. However, it's important for me that the rear passengers get equally good sound.

All of my vehicles that I purchased in the paste 5 years have had seperates in the rear. I just bought a 2019 Silverado which doesn't have rear separates. For the price of the Focals, 2x component come out cheaper than buying a Component + Coax of another brand.
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The "no rears" thing is all about front stage. If you like rear fill and want sound in the the same as the front, go for it. Opinions about stage are like a$$holes, everyone's got one!

I like both and have the ability with separate saved tuned settings, to take advantage of both. I can do a single seat, double seat, three seat four if I want to.

If one does not have that option, do what suits you, it's all better than stock and still enjoyable to most. Unless you're setup to tune the system with DSP, don't sweat it. I would recommend that you set your fader in a certain way to get the most out of the system.

When setting the gains, have the fader set to equal front to back on the HU. Have someone turn the rear channel gains down until it seems like they are just barely or not quite there. This will give you the better front stage when alone or with a passenger, then use the fader to turn the rear up when they're are others in the back. Then when you want the front stage back, you know optimal will be the 50/50 setting on the HU you did with the gains, even though technically it's not at 50/50 split.
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Id run them in the vehicle. Just tune them properly and you will be just fine if amplified. Work the HU as stated to tone the rears down if needed.
run them if you like. I have never run rear fill except one time but dont hate on it and have sat in many a car or truck with it and. The time I had it was a set of full range on a rear deck with a bandpass crossover so it didnt get up into the high range.
I’ve tried it in 3 different vehicles and multiple locations. Rear deck is best for me. Unless it’s a midbass I don’t want anything in the rear door and I never run a rear speaker over 3khz. And even that can be argued due to the energy they create and the significant sound deadening required to make it work. That being said if you want more output don’t be afraid to do your thing. Rules in car audio become dogmatic way to quickly. This **** is supposed to be fun. As long as the install is safe and doesn’t interfere with the direct operation of the vehicle; do what you would like.
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