1. srb

    kicker vs AQ

    I am hoping to upgrade my current setup which consists of two 10 inch kicker comps (please go easy on me), which i am trying to sell on craigslist, but i have a problem. see i am on a very limited budget (less than $200) and cannot afford to make a mistake on the next subs i get. i have found...
  2. B

    Need Amp Suggestions! For 2) T3 T2000 12's

    Original plan was to run 2) SS DTR1.2200's but now that I'm actually ready to buy, I'm thinking about changing. Looked at the DD M2's..AQ2200's..Opti4000d..just don't know which way to go. Any suggestions? Limited budget, but not so limited that I'll sacrifice quality. This is for a daily setup...
  3. skdooley

    AudioQue 2.5 sdc 10"

    Item(s) for Sale: AudioQue 2.5 SDC 10" Item(s) Description/Condition: The sub is practically brand new. It comes in the original packaging. This sub was given to me as part of a trade/cash deal on a sub I sold recently. I'm currently running a SA-10 and don't have a need for this AQ so I am...
  4. Why So Cereal?

    3 Kicker L5 10s or 2 12" Audioque 2.5s or 2 12 RE SE(x)

    right now I have a FI Q 18 (sealed) that I am selling. I LOVE how low it gets and the volume is about as equal to my 2 cvrs ported. But i need more space in my car so I am going with smaller subs. I am between 3 square L5's.....2 12 audioque 2.5 or 2 12 re se. Need help!!! I have a hifonics...
  5. Me&MyVic

    [FS] 2 AQ HDC3 18s D2

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Audioque HDC3 18s Item(s) Description/Condition: Mechanical 10/10 Appearance 7.5/10 Each sub had a small amount of silicon put on the surround when the drill slipped on two separate occasions. One sub has only been owned by me since Aug of 2008. The other sub was bought...
  6. D

    Which amp!

    I just ordered an audioque 2.5 12 inch. I need an amp to go along with a good deal. I dont want to spend probably over $170 but i do want it to be able to cover if i get a second sub for the future because i think i will in about a month or two. THANKS
  7. D

    Subs subs sub

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT.I have a 2003 camry. I need trunk space so i was thinking doing 1 12 inch sub. People have been telling me the candence 12 zrs, audioque SD 2.5 12 inch, rockford fosgate punch p3. I feel you know the best sub. Im really looking for that rocking of my car. It would really be so...
  8. D

    I really need help!

    i have a 2003 camry and i really need some of the trunk space. I think 1 subwoofer is about the size either 10 12 or 15. How do i chose which one. i have heard kicker, audiquo, rockford. Which single sub will rock my car. I need an amp too! PLEASE HELP i want my car to shake
  9. M

    SSA vs. AudioQue

    I'm planning on putting two 12's on my 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible. I've been looking into the 12" SSA DCON 12D4/S4 or if not, then the Street Duty SDC2.5-12-D4 Subwoofer. I don't know which one to go with or wether or not to seal the box or to port them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  10. quattro88

    Researched and narrowed it to three, which would you choose?

    So after a grip of searching and reading, I've narrowed my amp choices down to these three: Audioque AQ1200D Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D MB Quart ONX1.1500D It will be powering an RE Audio SE Series SE12-D4 12" Dual 4ohm Sub (600 RMS / 1200 Peak), wired in parallel and in a sealed ~.9cu/ft...
  11. RFThump85

    WTB: Atleast [email protected]

    I want a nice amp that will slam my t2s. Im in southeast michigan or northeast ohio. Let me know what you have and what your asking shipped. Or if you local i will meet.
  12. Somchine13

    AQ1200d or hifonics BRZ 1200.1 and BRZ 1700.1?

    I'm looking for a good amp to push my FI Q 12, but can't decide which one is better. Just wondering if any of you guys out there have had experienced with these amp.
  13. resko1

    Bnib aq4x90

    Item(s) for Sale: BN AQ4x90 amp. Item(s) Description/Condition: Few months old. Has been sitting collecting a little dust. Was gonna use it with my 3500.1d but traded the sub amp so i dont have a use for this. 10/10 mech, 10/10 cosmetic. not a single scratch or mark. Price: 200 shipped to...
  14. A

    Please help with coosing a new sub

    Hi guys I have been researching for a month about every company and type of 12" sub there is in my price range and I am lost. I have a 2008 toyota tacoma access cab with limited space. I want something that has good SQ but also SPl. It will be a daily driver sub no competition. I have found the...
  15. S

    Help help help!!!

    Guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading to 2 Fi BTL 12" and running each of them on a AQ2200D (audioque). How will i go about wiring this and what, on the electrical side, will have to be upgraded. 2 batteries ? and new alternator? i will be running around 4400 watts RMS. Please let me...
  16. morespl

    wtt a Aq2200d for?

    I have a Audioque 2200d for amp is 2200 watts rms at 1ohm looking for subs or amps amp is in 9.5/10 condition
  17. f1mclarenagr

    WTB Audioque Bass Knob

    Must be in good condition with minimal scratches on it. Side note, what kind of cable does it take to run this thing? (i.e. phone cable or is it something specific for this knob?)
  18. J


    I have a Oldschool Soundstream USA305 5 channel amp that is in good condition for its age and has a few scratches.This amp works excellent and sounds even better!I received it on trade from a friend and really didnt need it so its up for sale.He was running 3 8w3's off the sub channel and I was...
  19. DSHORT

    AudioQue 3500D.1 - 18" Ascendent Audio Mayhem - Kinetic HC2400 + HC1400

    I recently wanted to get a big stereo so I put a lot of money together and bought all this stuff. A couple weeks later I got a install quote (with other stuff I'm not selling) and it came out to an additional thousand dollars. So I am parting it out (or selling as a package) and selling it. I...
  20. my_stealth21

    Aq 2200d !!!!

    I have had this amp about a month or two and dont use it that often it is still in like new conditon no scratches from what I see and mounting feet are in great shape.Comes with bass knob and all. 310 shipped.
  21. Re3xxx

    WANTING SUBS! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lookin for big/loud *** subs

    Okay im lookin for subs that get loud as hell, i'm talkin crazy *** loud. give me some ideas, maybe even some prices, i really want 3 or 4 15" subs. i have the money to spend i just need some help pickin what ones to choose, so many choices!!!!!!!!!!! please help out. all help will be very...
  22. J

    WTB AQ HDC3 15 D2 copper coils

    I need a 15" audioque hdc3 15 that is Dual 2 ohm, and has copper coils. Anybody got 1?
  23. M

    will 2 12" dc level 4's with an AQ2200D amp work?

    so will an audioque AQ2200D amp work well with 2 12" level 4's? if it doesnt lease recommend a clean cheap and powerufl amp that will.
  24. mattj

    FS: RD Audio 1800.1 *[email protected]* PROTOTYPE 1 of 2

    1. Product: RD Audio 1800.1 amp PROTOTYPE 1 of 2 made 2. Specs: 2300rms at 1 ohm. 1200rms at 2 ohm. It doesnt have markings for inputs but I will provide the owner with the layout. I was told that it was only 1 ohm stable but I havent seen it really get all that warm after playing full tilt...
  25. J

    Image Dynamics SPL 15" Subwoofer RARE only 6 made same as Atomic APXX

    I am selling my Image Dynamics SPL 15 that is in great shape and sounds excellent!This sub is extremely rare and there is only 6 of them ever made.These were made by Image Dynamics,not just a recone on a motor.This has the same specs as the Atomic APXX but I was told this is actually bigger.I...
  26. J

    Kicker ZX850.4 OBO Trade

    I have a Kicker ZX850.4 that is in great condition and works excellent,I am moving and getting rid of my extra stereo equipment.If you have any questions just ask or make an offer.I may accept trades let me know what you have (brand and model).I am asking $225+shipping but make any reasonable offer.
  27. f1mclarenagr

    Will these amps push 2x 3512e?

    First post here;) I currently have 1 Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D that puts out 1700WRMS @ 1Ohm @14.4Volts. It is CEA-2006 rated so it does the power and may be a bit more. I am planning on grabbing a second one, and was wondering if I bridge these together using an MLX-100, will it be able to...
  28. aq1200d


    new wiring and cleanup
  29. Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1

    Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1

    Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1