amp install

  1. tjkollmeyer

    amp not sending power to front channels? help!

    Hi, so i recently bought a boss riot r1004 400w 4 channel amp. i also installed a new kenwood headunit, and 4 new kenwood road series 6.5" speakers. all of this was installed nearly from scratch in a van with a gutted interior. i used the factory radio wiring to connect the amp speaker outputs...
  2. D

    Issues installing stereo system in cooler ... please help

    Hi there! Newbie here ... I need some help with my set up: two amps, two speakers, two subs and 12 volt battery. This is what I have:
  3. Falloutkid90

    Static noise from speakers and front speakers popping/clipping after the amp install?

    So I've been running a set of kicker ks series speakers and two kicker comps. I've had a kicker zx350.4 amp I've been wanting to install but havent had the chance. I wired everything up fine (two distribuition blocks, 4 and 8 ga wire, rcas', ect.) Both amps power on fine when I turn on my radio...
  4. L

    Need Help,Noob Question Wiring 3 Amps, Two (4) channel Amps and 1 Monoblock

    If anyone is interested please help. I am new to car audio but i have always been interested, after just receiving my first car i am ready to start. Know the basics, just have a few questions. I have currently 2 Amps Setup. 1x Clarion 800rms monoblock, powering 2 12" Pioneer Champion Subs...
  5. J

    Need Amp advice

    I have a jl 8w7 and im going to use a jl 500.1 mono amp with it. I have an old sony xplod 1000 watt max amp lying around but dont want to buy a new one. I have 2 polk audio door speakers and 2 jl rear deck ones they are 6 and 1/2. Will that amp work with the speakers or will it be to powerful or...
  6. Z

    New and confuse about installing amp and sub

    I hope nobody gets mad about this question but I am a newbie trying to install his first amp and sub-woofer. First of all, I'm not looking for the best sound system I just want to have something a little better than the stock speakers on my 2001 Toyota Corolla. So, today I whent to Walmart I...
  7. youbeenblown

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! my first time! :(

    say i have a 1200watt amp. what watt sub should i get to run on it??? (btw its a 1200watt poweracoustic saphire version amp and the sub will be the only sub run off of it. the stock speakers will continue to be ran off the stock amp.) Also i have an audi a4 (year:2000) with a stock headunit...
  8. N

    New to car audio need to know if these items work well together

    Ok so I own a 2011 dodge ram 1500. It came with a factory head unit and factory alpine speaker system. I'm keeping the whole system and just adding these items to get it thumping. But I'm not sure what to get. So I did some research and this is what I came up with.... One 2600 soundstream...
  9. T

    Electrical upgrade help???

    i have a 99 f150 all the electrical is stock. i wanna run a Autotek Mean Mechine 4000d.1 to my AudioQue hdc3 15. i wanna wire it a 2 ohms. what electrical upgrades do i need for this amp to preform well. * 4 ohms: 1000 watts x 1 chan. * 2 ohms: 2000 watts x 1 chan. * 1 ohm: 4000 watts x 1...
  10. J

    Need Head Unit Help!!!!!!!!

    I have a stock head unit in my 2004 Dodge Stratus and would really like to keep either the same stock head unit or to put a different compatible stock head unit (I do not want to intall an aftermarket head unit if I dont need to). The only problem with that is that the stock unit only has a...
  11. M

    multiple amp hook up for subs and speakers?

    Wondering how i would hook up a mono block amp for my 2 12's to a 4channel amp for my 2 door and 2 rear deck speakers all into one. how would i wire this??
  12. G

    Underhung Amp Rack - Feedback/Rail Advice

    Ahoy all. So I've looked at many-a-build log and have decided to go with the hang the amp-rack from underneath the rear deck design. [The sides of the trunk aren't really an option. The floor of the trunk is to be kept clean and open (for ski/snowboard season). Not enough room under the seats...
  13. T

    4000 watt electrical upgrades?

    I know i need the big 3. but what else do i need what size alternator? and batteries?
  14. Guyver

    HELP? hiding amp wires and RCA

    For a 2011 Camry, where should I hide my RCA and amp wires? I was thinking about taking out the whole seat and carpet inside but it doesn't seem right. There should be another easier way around for a clean installation. The system has been set up inside my house for a couple of days now but...
  15. K

    Putting in an on/off switch for an amp??

    I am thinking about putting in a mono amp and a subwoofer and I was wondering if it i possible to hook up an on/off switch for the amp just in case I don't want a bass overload for some songs. I have looked around and I have seen some people mention but I am just wondering how exactly to do it...
  16. J

    Best way for Amp + 6x9s

    I have very basic/low level knowledge so i cant get too detailed but should be simple. Please help My truck has an amp wired that ran sub before. It is still wired however now i want to run 2 6x9s. What do i need to adjust so the amp doesnt think its powering a sub but instead more treble and...
  17. T

    2005 Hyundai Accent GT - System for the old lady

    Ok, I know it's not much compared to most of the members here but I wanted to do something really special for my wife. She loves country music so I decided to build her a system that would sound great and really bring out the various tones in the music (banjo, flutes, violins, etc) as oppossed...
  18. pic of amp instal acc. 1

    pic of amp instal acc. 1

    pic of amp instal acc. 1