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Okay, first off thanks for taking a few mins to read and possibly help me out… ok so I have 2 fosgate p2s 12s on my 05 Silverado and a 600.1 mono block alpine amp …bought a sundown v2 10 but think I got ripped off on that one …anyways. So I installed my system and when I turn it up to high volume to where it hits really good it kinda like distorts/cuts in and out the amp that is ….so I’m not sure if it’s to much for the amp which I highly doubt that but like I said idk. I tried the sundown and it does the same thing but the amp goes into protection mode. My ground is pretty good I thought could it be that? I made sure I removed the paint and had bare metal. So I don’t know if I wired the speakers wrong or what but it’s been like 2 weeks of and on of me messing with it and I can’t pin point the problem. The battery volts checks out to so …🤷🏽‍♂️Any info I would greatly appreciate.
Sounds like clipping if it's playing well at lower volumes. As mentioned above back the gain off. It may not be able to hit hard in your current system, 600 rms isn't a ton, if you are using a crappy pre-built box or small sealed box output may not be where you want without clipping. It's also dangerous to the subs as well as the amp, hopefully you haven't smelled any burning. Also as mentioned above, what load are you wiring to? Sounds like the sundown is wired to something the amp can't handle (IE, wiring sub to 1 ohm on a 2 ohm stable amp).
There are wiring diagrams for multiple dual voice coil (DVC) subs online (assuming you have DVC subs). Google wiring 2 DVC 4 OHM or whatever you have. Make sure your amplifier can support the ohm load you want to wire your subs to.

Lower ohms means more watts but some amplifiers don't support 1ohm or lower wiring.

You should also learn up and setting the gain on the amplifier. It is important to set correctly. If set wring it can kill subs.
I really appreciate it ur guys responding to my post ….I’m gonna go through it and see what they are wired to …my subs are dual voice coils yes so ima check that out and lower the gain …definitely gonna see about the ground to the engine block as well …I can definitely tell u my box is crappy lol but it sounded pretty good it’s a regular under the seat sealed box…thanks guys!
make sure you wired the subs right, heres how

and then make sure you set the amp gain right. heres how. note, the test tones are at the very bottom

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For me.. a compact amp that wouldnt take up a whole lot of room and not real expensive for a 350-600 rms sub@2ohms or even 1 ohm load id look at...
Restarting the phone every 1-2 days is a plus too. My moms phone is useless by the third day of not restarting. As soon as it's restarted it's fine.
gain set well below "Normal" and base boost is off completely
Yeah, it's what I thought it was, but I wanted to make sure it was actually that. I'll get to fixing it when I have the time soon. Thank you guys

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