New amp cutting off at higher mid-high volume

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Hello, I've had a Kenwood-511 1000w amp powering a single Memphis Audio MJP1522 15in sub (750watt RMS) for a couple years now. never had any issues, could crank it all the way to max without clipping or it cutting off.
Now I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger amp, and add another 15in sub. The new amp I have is the Pioneer GM-DX971 which is stable at 1ohm 1200w rms. I wanted test it on my current single sub before pulling the trigger on another sub and a ported box.

The issue I'm having is that when I get past about 35-40% volume, it cuts out. I've been trying everything to diagnose, upgraded my power and ground to 4 gauge, re-wired the sub down to 4ohm (amp can do 500w at 4ohm) and I'm still getting the same results.

I currently drive a 08 civic with a stock 80amp alternator, the alternator is the only thing I can think of that I havnt tested, but I get very minimal dimming when running full blast on the old 1000w amp, so Im just not 100% this is the issue. So figured id post here to get other opinions of people more experienced than I.
Thank you

edit: the new amp is 2400W Max
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1. Check gain settings/ No Bass boost
2. Check voltage at amp
3. Check ground/ I would actually reground in another spot to eliminate possibility of ground being the issue
Gain is at lower level, no BB. It does slightly below 14v at the amp before going into protect mode
What is your head unit? You know that Pioneer amp has a max 4v rca input voltage?

Your original amp was 2 ohms for 500w. You said you wired the new amp to 4 ohm on the same sub. HUH????

What is the sub8
I wired the sub for 4ohm not the amp. the old amp is stable at 2-8ohm, the new amp is stable at 1-8ohm. its a MJP1522. Id have to check on the head unit, its a Boss something, paid like $200
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