Spring time! Perfect time for a new build.


Feb 15, 2015
Columbus, GA
Sup guys, just sold my whole setup. Nothing was wrong, just wanted to downgrade because I have no leg room. I'm just here to get some ideas. I'm downgrading from 2 12s to something smaller.

Should I buy one Sundown SA-8 V.3 D4?


Two Sundown E-8s?


Buy two American Bass VFL 8s?


Two Sundown SA-8 V1.5 D4?

What is the difference between the 1.5 and the V.3? I'm on a pretty tight budget this time a year, but I got some spending money from my last system. Just don't want to blow through it all. What would you guys get and would it compare to my previous system in the right box with the right power on all of it? Sorry about my horrible formatting, I set my alarm for 4 instead of 5 so I'm up an hour earlier than usual.



Senior VIP Member
May 3, 2013
DeFuniak Springs Fl
The Am Bass VFL 8s are pretty nice, i run sundown SA 12s and they do no disappoint. This isn't helpful but all the choices would serve you right. Not sure about the new gear but Sundown is a good choice. Just make sure you give them a nice home(Box) and supply them with a clean powered amp. SA's are great though, honestly get what your feeling though. I'd go with 2 regardless, if you have the room for it


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