1. M

    SPL with Type Rs

    I was wondering what i could do to increase my db? I have a hifonics 2400.1D BRX amp w/ 2 type r 12s in a ported box facing the trunk of a Mazda 3 sedan. Right now im hitting 140.6 and its tuned at 50 hz. Trunk lid is matted now I'm working on the base of the trunk and the sides.
  2. mylows10

    Southwest Region dec shows in salinas , ca race for points for world finals

    more cali love ,3 shows at audio connection in salinas.dec 11 at 9 am ,dec 16th at 5 pm and toys for tots dec 18th at 9 am .first 2 shows are $15 entry fees , $10 more for each other entry . NO TROPHIES sorry guys .$20 new toy for the tot show.will be up on termpro by fri .calling them tomorrow...