Newbie question: Is my enclosure too small?

nemisnemo Newbie
hey I'm new to the car audio community so bare with me.
For christmas i got a 146 liter dual 15 inch sub box, so 73liters each and the subwoofer i want to use says its best at 100ish liters but also says it works with 60 something liters.
im just wondering if i should 100% get a bigger enclosure or get a different subwoofers.

This is the subwoofer im thinking of buying 2 of:
This is the enclosure i have for it:

Its in Norwegian but im just showing what i'm talking about


shredder2 VIP
What you have sounds to me like its just over 5ft3 and it looks awfully small too. 2 15's usually shine in something that's 7-8ft3 net. At 7-8ft3 net it'll end up much larger externally. For example this one was around 10ft3 gross and 7.5ft3 net after all displacements. That one below is what I'd do for those particular subs if I had the space to use.

I'd recommend always buying the subs 1st after getting advice on what'll work in your space & vehicle. Once that's done building a correct enclosure is next.
The enclosure will make or break most systems.
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