Newbie intro + Looking for suggestions

Deerhurst Newbie
Sep 26, 2020
Hey guys, I'm a newbie here and what I'd consider as a newbie to car audio. This is a little 2 part, an intro and I have some questions on what you guys might suggest for a setup.

I do have a couple buddies that run an audio shop but I like to get as much info as possible. So I'm here learning from you guys too.

My current setups:

Car, Audi A4 Avant. Xtrons Android head unit. Stock door speakers. Non bose. Skar 5ch 900w amp. 2x Skar EVL-65s in a sealed enclosure, poly filled, glassed into one of the rear panels. Before poly and tuning it turned 121.2db. The amp can easily pop the subs after tuning and about a year of running them. Polyfill helped a little but did bring the frequency down. I'm thrilled with that! I'll be using a different pair of 6.5s after modding the enclosure for clearance. These speakers have not yet hit the market but these 6.5s have been pushed hard on 1000w or better in testing and are now mounted in a SQ rig in a 4th order box.

For the car, I need to decide on speakers. I've been looking at CDT. I like good audio reproduction, volume doesn't blow my skirt up. I lean towards SQ but I dont really like the flat tone. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on speakers. I need component to retain tweeters in the OE location. What do you guys recommend?

Truck, single cab short box Nissan pickup. Older Sony head unit, 2014 or so, a pair of old school eclipse door speakers and a crappy powered sub I bought at least a decade ago. I now know better. I plan to do 2x Skar EVL65 drivers, from the car when the new ones arrive, in a polyfilled sealed box.

I'm looking for suggestions on an amp or amps for the truck. I want to amp the speakers are they are suffering and need more power. I will need an amp for the subs. Ideally I'd like to do a 5 channel but most are too big physically. I was thinking of using the little NVX amps that are the size of a small steak but the cost it gnawing at me when a single 5ch Skar is less than a mono NVX mini. I might be able to barely fit the 5ch Skar 900w. Any suggestions for powering 2 doors and a pair of little Skar subs with a major space restriction?


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