Can someone advice me should i upgrade my audio gear or i something else? P99RS , speakers, amps advice needed.


Jun 15, 2013
Hi guys here is my dillemma,

i got p99rs , front focal utopia be tweeters, front speakers morel virtus nano ,
rear speakers arc audio rs 6.0

,amps mosconi pico 2 - it gives power to focal utopia be tweeters ,

front speakers morel virtus and rear arc audio rs 6.0 receive power from mosconi as 100.4 class a/b amp.
400w total,

So my question is like that - i have been in HIGH END car audio TUNNING center - my main issue is I CANNOT tune these components i am not a audio guru,
if someone is willing to help we can do remot tune up or something i also own the mic from p99rs,

So car audio tune shop told me my gear is crap, i should - either buy another 1 or 2 more amps, i should buy another tweeters since focal utopia be were crap, my speakers were also crap and my amps,
they offered me the cheapest possible way to do my system is to install my rear speakers into the front doors,
which will cost me a lot since my rear speakers are big and doesnt fit my doors,
and i will end up with morel which i can try to sale or something,
speakers from the fron,

that way they will be able to tune my system i will also end up with 1 less amp probably mosconi 2 pico ,

so i bought everything new first i will loose lots of money even if i manage to sale these things in this covid situation and 2nd i need to pay lots of $$$$ for the shop to retrofit these speakers since they doesnt fit to my car special shapes need to be made etcs etcs...

and they will tune up the whole system from that i will also loose 1 pair of speakers so this for me will be probably be mid for example...

my current system is not tuned properly since p99 is on network mode
for example my front speakers and my front tweeters i cannot hear i can hear only my sub and where i live shops are not good to tune the system since these components are not available if someone from the forum can help me tune it remotely it will be great, we can do it via video and audio ...
of course i can pay some small fee...

Tell me guys what do u think is it a good idea or bad idea.

thats the cheapest option i found my other option is to stay like that but i tried already reading the manual and tunning system be my self not improved it at all.

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