New subs and amp (Nemisis)

iAudio Newbie
Feb 10, 2019
Hello, Im looking at buying 2 Nemesis Audio 12s both rated at 1500 watts rms. Subs powered by the Nemesis Audio 3000W Amp. Does anyone have any experience with these subs and the amp? Is it actually 3000w max rms, or is that a fake number to draw attention. Thanks



Feb 26, 2016
I've been told that they dont do rated power the 6k (3k rms) amp clamped like 2300rms at 1 ohm or something close to that. Which line of subs are you getting? The M or H model? I have the NA-15C V1 and I like it it's got good Excursion and plays low and clean it's to bad the V2's are freaky and cost way to much being 899$ and having a 5" voice coil means recones will be hard to find

Petrdragn33 Enthusiast
Dec 19, 2019
Kansas City
Get yourself a Taramps MD5000.1 one ohm version. They are rated at 12.6V. 5K @ 1 ohm and 3,200 @ 2 ohm. You can also buy the two ohm version, which is 5K @ 2 ohm and 3,200 @ 4 ohm.

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