Looking for suggestions on new setup for hatchback


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Oct 10, 2019
Car is 88 corolla fx hatchback.

Current setup.

Stock alt.60 or 80 amp :/
Big 3 upgrade in 4gauge
4gauge power and ground for sub amp
1400watt power cell
Jbl gto609 components on PP Ice 1000.4
1 American bass XR12D2 on Rockford prime 1200 @1ohm
2.4ish cf box at 33hz

Current setup is leaving something to be desired in both the front stage and bass departments.....Both are really close to being satisfactory but not quiet. Front stage lack fullness i guess you could say...its clear just not full sounding and has basically no midbass what so ever. Po had some 6x9 spacers bolted to a piece of wood bolted to the door panel which i then put the jbls in place of the 6x9s....Yes it looks almost as awful as your thinking it would......Heres the good thing....my doors are long and flat so i have plenty of room for doorpods or for that matter shallow/long sealed/ported boxes to be mounted. Wanting to possibly try active 2 way

Bass wise im so close to being satisfied i can taste it...Idk if its the sub or box but im thinking id like to try a T-line box or 2 600 to 750 watt 12s or even a single 1200 ish watt 15.....I just cant decide which direction to go...I have 3 total AB XR12s but all 3 are D2's and i just dont have the electrical to go over 1500 watts I dont think and HO alts are just retardedly over priced for a few more winds of copper. Biggest alt ive found that may bolt on is a 140 amp gm cs130. Amount of hatch room i have is 38w 16h and roughly 18-20d depending on height. ( Back seats slope back so higher i go less depth i have) Im looking for SQL and i listen to anything from rap to rock and all kinds in between.


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