lc8i or dsp


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Mar 13, 2015
cleveland ohio
currently have a lc8i, dont know if i like it honestly.
can i use a dsp instead and would it be better that a lc8i? to run a mono channel and a 4 channel and possibly a few other amps later on
i would be using stock head unit in a 2020 tahoe non amplified.


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Dec 6, 2012
Thats two different devices, lc8i converts wiring to rca connections so you can use an after market amp. DSP is a digital signal processor it allows you to tweak your signal

Coolhand20th Elite
Mar 27, 2019
You can use the DSP to do the same thing as the LC8I but with the options of setting up every frequency. Tons of people can not remove the OEM head unit so they use the DSP these days to wire into the OEM stuff while adding in amplifiers. The sound difference alone is worth it.

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Jan 22, 2010
Yes if you can tune.

Adding a DSP doesn't magically make everything sound better.

I would never go without a dsp personally.
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Shane35Fowler Newbie
Mar 30, 2021
Get the DSP and it's not even close.... The more Parametric EQ bands the better but you can get by with less if needed. With a DSP you can Time Align, Fix boost nulls or cut beaming and peaks, adjust crossover points and slopes to get better phase relationship ect ect ect.

But unless it has autotune you are going to have to A) Shell out the cash for tuning or B) Shell out the cash for a mic and set aside the time to learn how to tune.....there are some great resources available on youtube but some tricks of the trade aren't likely to be revealed without some green


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Mar 13, 2015
cleveland ohio
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Ok well thanks for the replies. Im gunna do a bit more research on em. As of now I only have my mids running . I have to figure out how to remove the dash speakers before I think about adding a dsp. I just not entirely to sure about this lc8i. I think I may have it wired wrong with the outputs because anything I try to do I can't adjust the input voltage of the rcas from the sub channel on the lc8i. But I can adjust the rcas voltage to my 4 channels..

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