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Atlanta_Jeeper Newbie
Mar 22, 2020
So I have been trying to figure what has caused my sub to stop start working partially. Not a huge set up or anything in the jeep.

Pionner mvh-1400nex running through a Kicker 300.1 and a Kicker Comp 12" in a non ported box. I have had a Bass knob hooked up to it.

So the other day the sub started to barely push out any sound. I started investigating yesterday. If I pull the 1/8" jack out of the bass knob and hold the end with my hand essentially grounding it then I get the sub to hit again. But as soon as I plug the bass knob back into the controller the bass goes to zero. My gain is turned half way with BB turned to zero. The amp ground is definitely secure to the tub and bare metal.

Now if I take the bass knob out completely and turn the gain up I am getting bass but its pretty darn muddy and punchy. I pulled the sub from the box and checked all the cables and they are fine. Sub box has some water damage because its a jeep and the top is down most of the summer. The amp is under the back seat so doesn't get wet. Trying to figure out if this is amp problem or sub problem or if I am SOL and its both. any thoughts?
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