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Hello All,

I'm going to be upgrading my system within the next few months. As much as I would like to upgrade everything (Change Head Unit/Component Speakers/Sub/Amp/Wiring/Box) at once, I can't do it at the moment. Please bear with me, this is going to be a long post.

I plan on taking care of this in 2 purchases.

First up is the Sub, Amp, Wiring and Box. Next will be the Head Unit, Speakers, and Amp/Wiring.

This is what I have:

2005 Toyota 4Runner

Optima Yellow-Top Battery (Just put it in a week ago)

Alpine CDA-9830 (Bought in 2005)

Stock Speakers

2 Rockford Fosgate P2's (Bought in 2005) pushing 400W total RMS

Custom Made Box that was handed down to me from a friend (Sealed)

MTX Amp pushing 420W RMS

Dynamat for the License Plate

I decided that I want to replace my two subs with a 12" Fi Q Dual 2 with the following options:

-P Chamfer

-I Heat Ring


-High QTS

Do I need all of these options?

I want a sealed box, preferably 1.5 ft^3. I have a lot of trunk space, but I'm trying to save some space in there because I have to transport things from time to time. At the moment, the subs and amp take up half of my cargo space. I've heard that some of the members here can build boxes for a decent price. Anyone know who can do it? I would love to do it myself, but I just don't have the tools or the space to do it. I read around here that Prefab boxes ****, but do they really? Anyway, I live in Los Angeles, so I prefer someone that lives in the area, unless shipping and price is not too bad.

If it helps, I listen to Hip-Hop/Rap/House and everything in between.

What amp should I use with this? I was considering brands such as Hifonics, Phoenix Gold, and Sundown.

What type of wiring will I need? Will I need to change my alternator?

I'm somewhat interested in Pioneer Double-DIN Head Units, but I'm most likely going to stick with a Single-DIN Alpine Head Unit, like the IDA-x305S, but I heard it's kind of hard to use see it when it's broad daylight outside. Is there a way to hide these Double-DIN Head Units? What Pioneer Head Unit would you recommend?

And last but not least, Speakers. I think my driver side tweeter is not working. I wanted to get something that is in the 200-300 dollar range for the component speakers, and I'm debating between Hertz and Focal. What particular model would you recommend, based on the type of music I listen to? What amp? and what wiring will I need?

I'll answer a few questions for you. As far as boxes go there is someone on here from southern Cali his name is donh, also pro rabbit builds and ships. Yes pre Fab boxes are shotty. Generally they are tuned higher than what you want. I myself just received my set of focal polyglass components haven't used them yet but will be installing them soon. I was lookin into Morel also. I've heard good things about Hertz and HAT. Its all preference in the end

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