fi q 12

  1. S

    2x Used 12" Fi Q 2008 Dual 1 Ohm

    Item(s) for Sale: 2x Used 12" Fi Q Dual 1 Ohm Subwoofers Item(s) Description/Condition: Purchased in 2008. Good condition. Used sparingly in the last four years. I can't remember the handling of the subwoofers, I believe they were from 1000-1200 watts RMS. They were powered by an Audioque...
  2. jiggernaut

    67' Camaro resto-mod stereo build

    I've finally gotten to the point in my Camaro restoration to begin the sound system install. The goals I'm shooting for are: keeping a period correct look, adding modern features (USB & aux inputs, Bluetooth,), adding plenty of power, sound quality and trying to stay south of 1500$. Head...
  3. blazian87

    Fi Q Sell-a-thon. Everything brand new. 12" and 15"

    Okay guys so I have a couple Fi Q's that I need to sell. Everything is brand new condition or mint. Item(s) for Sale: (2) 12" Fi Q's Fully loaded Dual 2 ohms White logo with carbon fiber dust caps *mint condition* (1) 15" Fi Q Fully Loaded Dual 2 ohms Ice Blue logo *Brand new never opened*...
  4. X

    12" Fi Q Questions

    Hey guys, I've been researching and I think I am about to purchase a 12" Fi Q because of all the good reviews. I just have a couple questions regarding the sub itself. On the website, it can come with a bunch of options and I don't know what they are. Can someone explain dual 1 vs. dual 2...
  5. 5

    Help Me Finalize Decisions

    Hello All, I'm going to be upgrading my system within the next few months. As much as I would like to upgrade everything (Change Head Unit/Component Speakers/Sub/Amp/Wiring/Box) at once, I can't do it at the moment. Please bear with me, this is going to be a long post. I plan on taking care...