Do you think I can run this on my stock 130amp alternator? Should I expect to do the big 3, or anything else?

schwol Newbie
Mar 20, 2019
I've got a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited with a 130amp alternator. I have a SoundQubed S1-1250 ([email protected]) for a Fi Xv3 and looking to get the reasonably lowest wattage 4ch amp for the door speakers which I haven't selected yet. It seems that'd likely be a 50-75w/channel amp. Would you expect I'll run into considerable voltage drop with this? I only drive city traffic to/from work for ~20 minutes at a time and don't slam for that total drive (stop lights, etc). Any thoughts? Does a better battery make a difference if my alternator can't keep up?

Popwarhomie Elite VIP
5,000+ posts
10+ year member
Jan 22, 2010
Should be fine with a decent battery and big 3 upgrade.

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