Confused!!! Help!?


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Jul 22, 2012
Chicago, IL
hello i dont know what its wrong with my stereo but when i use my bass knob and turn it to max it starts to drop the mids and highs and the bass sounds weak. when i have the knob at halfway everything works perfect, but i dont know why my music turns weak when i max out the bass?? I dont know what this is.



Aug 26, 2009
South Westerly Georja
It's so loud you're not hearing it break the sound barrier.

We need way more info and you need way more help than that I presume. Sounds like you need a revamping of most of your items too honestly.


RSDXzec Elite
Dec 26, 2011
Good answer. Bass knobs as volume controls = bad decision.
I never understood why people say this, assuming you just mean an attenuator, I use one on mine and have no problems with it, I have it marked as well so I know how many watts rms I have it limited to.

Que dicen???????
y porq ahora c t ocurre hablar en espanol?


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