Blown Inline Fuse?


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Jan 28, 2012
One day, I decided to crank up my stereo loud, I have an aftermarket deck, but still the regular wiring (1993 saturn), and when I hit a certain volume my deck died. Display, cd eject, nothing powered on. I checked the fuse in the rear of the deck, not blow, the radio fuse by the dashboard, and it wasn't blown either, so I'm now thinking it was an inline fuse, after that, I'm out of options and I kind of want to cry lol. So, if it is an inline fuse blown, how would I know it's blown, how would I replace it, and if it's not the inline fuse, what could it possibly be, and what could be another solution. I thought of wiring the ground and the power/ignition right to the battery, but I don't know what that would do.



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Dec 26, 2010
You can check if a fuse is blown by taking it out and measuring it with a multimeter set to the continuity function. If the fuse is still good, the meter will produce a sound when you touch the leads to the fuse.


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