blown fuse

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    Amp blown? Please read for a detailed description, thanks.

    Okay, so I have an amp installed in my 2007 Versa. I bought it like that. I had some problems getting it working initially, but after tinkering it turned out the inline fuse in the engine bay was blown. Replaced that, and it's been working ever since... until today. So, this is what...
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    Blowing fuses too easily

    I have a 12inch kenwood sub and a pyramid America amp and I have had it in my car for about a month now and it was working great with amazing sound but now all of a sudden I went to turn it on and the sub wasn't working but the amp was on then I went to check the main wire power cable fuse and...
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    Blown Inline Fuse?

    One day, I decided to crank up my stereo loud, I have an aftermarket deck, but still the regular wiring (1993 saturn), and when I hit a certain volume my deck died. Display, cd eject, nothing powered on. I checked the fuse in the rear of the deck, not blow, the radio fuse by the dashboard, and...