boss amplifier

  1. tjkollmeyer

    amp not sending power to front channels? help!

    Hi, so i recently bought a boss riot r1004 400w 4 channel amp. i also installed a new kenwood headunit, and 4 new kenwood road series 6.5" speakers. all of this was installed nearly from scratch in a van with a gutted interior. i used the factory radio wiring to connect the amp speaker outputs...
  2. T

    Please help!!!

    Okay so im looking to by 3, 12 inch Boss Phantom Subwoofers, the rms is 1150 a piece, and each sub is 4ohms. And im gonna get the Boss PH5000D amplifier. So what does 938 W X 1 RMS @ 4 ohm mean? And s this a good combo or should i keep looking? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  3. K

    Boss CX154DVC FRIED

    Hello I am new to the forums here. I recently bought a 15" BOSS Audio CX154DVC subwoofer. I wired it in Parallel considering its a dual voice coil for two ohms. I wired it to my amp which is a BOSS RIOT 1100m. I forgot to turn the input level way down, and when I started the audio system, I...
  4. M

    how do I get 2ohm for my subs

    Hello I have a boss ph2.1000 2000 watt amp I'm kinda new with amps so need help it says it can but can't figure it out I have 2 12" type R's that are 2 ohm how do I run the amp for 2 ohm for both subs I looked it up only way I seen was run 4 subs but that can't be right can any one help
  5. M

    Getting the best sound out of my new amplifier.

    I have been using a borrowed Kicker KX400.1 amplifier on my 10" Audiobahn 1000N fully sealed subwoofer and it sounds amazing so I finally got enough to get my own amplifier and got a Boss PH1500M Phantom and it sounds like garbage comparatively. I'm not getting the same level of power or range...