2nd vehicle, new setup


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Apr 20, 2017
Kent, Wa
I just picked myself up a 17 Honda Ridgeline and I'm already 98% on the system build. I am however coming to you guys in the sense that there's 2 things I haven't worked with in my previous build.

1) This is in the cab of a truck. I have never built a downfire setup, or ANY setup in a truck

2) I am not going for SPL this time. I want a really nice clean setup that wont rattle my dang vehicle apart

The for sure gear that's going in

Audiocontrol LC7I for factory HU integration

Image Dynamics 1400.5 amp (100x4+600x1)

ID CXS components with 3 sheets sound dampening per door

ID65 coaxes in rear. 2 sheets sound dampening per door

Now here's where the question comes in

Under the rear seat I have room for roughly .8CF sealed box

I am debating between these 2 setups.

1) a single fosgate t1 slim 10 (500 rms woofer)

2) 2 IDQS 10s (200rms each)

I'm leaning towards the 2 10's to keep the whole setup Image Dynamics, however the air space would be much more fitting for a single t1 10. I'm not saying it WON'T work for the dual setup but it's right on the lower end of recommended airspace.

Also, would 2 10s in a truck cab just be way too loud for SQ or would it be ok at 600W in a sealed box?

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