1. DJG0817

    LC7i Voltage Question

    I have a 2021 F150 with stock non-amp HU ==> LC7i ==> Kenwood 5-channel amp. The kenwood amp will handle 5v on the RCA inputs. I can get the LC7i to about 3v output before the LOC clipping light (maximized light) comes on (HU @ 75% / 1K sound file). Should I ignore the clipping light and...
  2. dsa51380

    Whats your opinion?

    Hello all! I have a question concerning the Lc7i. Is it beneficial for your audio system in any other way other than keeping your original stereo? I am installing my system in my Tacoma, with limited room of course, under my front seats. I have the Lc7i under one with the amp under the other...
  3. V

    2018 Silverado (non-Bose) Wiring help

    Hi - I'm not new to car audio and have installed my own system in my old 2008 Impala. I had an aftermarket head unit with three rca outputs. I have a crescendo bass clef bc2000d for my two kicker cvx 4ohm, and a pioneer gm-a4704 to power my mid's and highs which are two 2.75", 2 6/9, and two...
  4. Koltrain129

    COMPLETED Audio Control LC7i In great condition.

    Barely used LC7i 6 channel LOC with accubass restoration built in. Car got totaled, have no use for it right now. $100 shipped
  5. E

    LOC(LC7i)vs LOC+EQ(LCQ1)?

    I've been waiting for parts to come in for weeks now, Im on a time deadline and the part I ordered via amazon prime that was supposed to take 2 days to arrive has now taken a whopping 10 days, during my frustration waiting for this thing to ship I bought a back up in case the original didn't get...
  6. C

    LOC or Line Driver

    Hey everyone. Well im pretty much stumped as for what to get for a line out converter or line driver. My system will consist of a 4 four channel amp (RF t400-4) powering my tweeters, component speakers, and my coaxial speakers, (6 speakers total) and a monoblock (t1000-1bdcp) powering my SA-12...
  7. lc7i install diagram

    lc7i install diagram

    Is this the good way to install lc7i with metra harness? Thanks.
  8. B

    new amp / insides/ loc jumper help

    2012 Mustang gt w/ shaker 500- factory amp pushes 2 dvc 8" subs in doors I had added a 10" sub to factory system using a lc2i. I have now replaced all factory speakers w/ jl components in the doors, 5x7 coaxials in the rear deck powered by jl 700/5 through lc7i. I have ran signal from the...