1. N

    Old school Kicker amp repair

    I have 3 amps that need repaired Kx800.4, Kx600.4, Kx300.4 All come on and play but have a buzzing, left channel comes and goes and a RCA input issue seems if I wiggle the connection in n out it plays fine for a moment
  2. Cuznfkr

    Dust cap repair

    Ok so I have a JL w0v2-12 that I am using as a home audio sub and it got a puncture in the cone and it has slowly grown over the years and now it is making quite an annoying noise on low notes. This is an older model and I don’t have original purchase receipt so JL warranty is completely out of...
  3. HariboSingh

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    JL Audio doesn't directly sell replacement parts for 12W7s and they want like $200 for a service/repair job. would be a good option, but they're unavailable and have been for months. Has anyone found an alternative, maybe from a...
  4. adulbrich

    Repairing damaged cone?

    I was cleaning my room today and set a 15" midbass driver out in the hallway. One of the dogs came to see what I was doing, and stepped on the cone The speaker still works, but I'd like to fix the hole. It's just a speaker I use when I'm working out in the shop, so I don't care what it looks...
  5. W

    Autotek 99 - Strange repair by previous owner

    Hi guys. At first i must admit that English is not my native language. I know its not at good level, but i hope you can understand what i mean. I recently bought an Autotek 99 car amplifier, made by Zed Audio 1994. (The PCB board tell us its Revision C which i cant find on google image) It...
  6. B

    Ford Focus ZX3 Speaker Wire Issue

    Hi all, so I recently bought a used Ford Focus ZX3 2001. I got it for super cheap, and the car runs like a champ, though it interior issues. Mainly the rear speakers. The previous owner had his own speakers and it looks like he ripped them out. I test some of my amp speakers but none of them...
  7. S

    reverse polarity

    Im guessing someone has did this same thing. I have no excuse but, not paying attention to what I was doing. I connected my Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD in dash player with reverse polarity, It sparked a bit and now it does not work. Does this mean its trash or can I salvage it ? Actually what had...
  8. M

    Need A Little Help With Gluing Surround Back To Cone

    Well, this topic has probably been covered but I'm failing to find my exact answer. I have a Audiobahn AW1206Q 12" woofer that has a little separation between the foam surround and the cone. I'm 95% sure I can glue this. It's about a 4" separation. My options for glue are no name superglue...
  9. cfox10

    Optidrive 4001d Anyone have one?!

    Hoping to find a VERY generous CA member to help me out. I allowed my friend to try his hand at amp repair using my Optidrive amp as it's a backup... I ended up getting it back after he wasn't able to fix it...however he removed every mosfet and didn't write down which location they went to on...
  10. R

    Subwoofer surround scratched, repair?

    I've got two Memphis Bells (15-PR12S4V2) and one recently got its surrounding seals scratched by a compartment door being rattled loose in front of it. The seal is scratched but not punctured, is there a simple fix that can fill the scratch so that it doesn't have a chance it expand to a tear...
  11. C

    Broken basket, how should I repair?

    I recently was gifted a Sundown E15-D4, but it has a broken basket/frame. The connection isn't entirely severed, but its enough to distort the sound. Although perfectly functional when mounted upside down, I would really like to repair this and get it in a box correctly. Any advice on what to...
  12. Boominburban

    Who still repairs Old School Amps ???

    I need to find someone reputable that can repair the 1991 Kenwood KAC 1023 and 823 amps that I just bought. The 1023 is going to need parts,( 2ch rca input/output combo, and possibly the small pcb it solders to) the 823 is most likely a bad solder joint. And I just don't even want to mess with...
  13. O

    Amp Blowing 50A Fuse Under Hood With Hookup

    Haven't been able to post on here much as I always seem to have so much trouble logging in. Anyway, I've been searching all over these forums and google and youtube and I must can't seem to word what I'm trying to say correctly. I'm by no means hardware savvy when it comes to car audio. I don't...
  14. E

    Solo Baric L7 8 inch 4 ohm voice coil parts

    Item(s) for Sale: parts solo baric S8L7 4ohm voice coils Item(s) Description/Condition: i bought this sub back in 2007, i didn't get it installed at the time and it sat on a shelf in my garage. i found it when i moved a couple weeks ago. today i built a speaker box for a friends semi. we had...
  15. E

    Need repair on a Powerbass! 1000. d1

    Item(s) for Sale: I have powerbass 1000 D1.. not sure what is wrong with it... it turns on and the fan inside sounds really weird but i think thats not big deal. instead of sending anything the the subs it just makes a low bump every couple seconds... so my question is does anyone repair or now...
  16. S

    2004 Avalon Subwoofer Repair

    Hello, new to this forum and car audio in general so sorry if this is in the wrong category. Need some help fixing my subwoofer. Got a used 2004 Toyota Avalon about 2 years ago and about a year later the factory 8 inch JBL 86160-AC180 subwoofer blew out. Just makes a loud, annoying rattling...
  17. S

    amp repair

    I have a blown mtx 500 watt d class amp, and my friend has an expensive rockford 500 watt 2 channel amp. I tried repairing both of these amps, replacing all 8 transistors in my d class, 7 of which were blown, and replacing 4 transistors in the rockford amp, all 4 of those being melted and...
  18. J

    Amp troubleshooting/repair options!

    I have a directed 2500d which had been wired at 2 ohms. It used to work and now does not. Who repairs amps? How do I go about troubleshooting? Would a guts shot help? Thanks in advance!
  19. C

    need help finding replacement softparts!!!!!

    Anyone know any good sites or shops in the midwest to get some decent parts? would alos like to find someone local for amplifier repair if possible. Any help/input would be great!
  20. H

    Hifonics amplififier repair? can i do it myself if so how?

    I have a class A/B 800W RMS, Zeus Series 2-Channel Amplifier (ZXi 200.2) and from the moment it arrived on my doorstep it was broken i had to send it back to sonicelectronix and they claimed it was not broken and had only been bench tested yet the warranty seals were broken so obviously they...
  21. aaronwhitlock3

    need KY amp repair.

    i have a soundstream xxx6500 i need it repaired!!!!!!!!!! lmk if u can or know where i can get it repaired in ky im about 35-40 min away from louisville
  22. M


    First post... Yaay. Hi guys. First off, I am an amateur on amp repair. I know how to solder alright-ish, transistor testing, familiar with a DMM, and grasp the concept of what most components do. This amp isn't that great at all but its just a learning thing... I've got a PPI A1000/2. Voice coil...
  23. K

    HELP ME PLEASE!? Kicker L7 making "Rattling sound"

    Hi there, i was wondering if any one knew what might be wrong with my sub when it hits the higher notes it makes a rattling sound and i was thinging its a blown voice coil? any info on how to go about repairing it? ive been looking high and low and just cant find a diagram or pics or any info on...
  24. J

    amp repair in akron area????

    I have an alpine 1000 watt mono and powers up but won't push subs any ideas what or where I can go around akron\canton