Best sub that hits loud but sounds good

Anxie Newbie
Jun 29, 2020
Charlotte, NC
Can anyone out there recommend a subwoofer that can shake the hell out of my car when I turn the gain up but give accurate bass when I dont feeling like just listening to bass and want accurate good sounding bass. I'm looking more for a SQL sub.

Popwarhomie Elite VIP
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Jan 22, 2010
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mastershake575 Veteran
Mar 11, 2015
It's going to mostly depend on how much power your throwing at it. For moderate power consumption (500-700 watts) stuff like DD 2500/3500 series. IDmax, JL W6, Incriminatior Flatlyne, SSA hellion, Alphine X are going to be popular choices.

For higher wattage your going to get recommendations like SSA ICON/GCON/ZCON, Fi Q, Adire Audio Brahma/Tumult.....ect

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