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  1. S

    Used Pair of Fi Q 12" Dual 1-Ohm Subwoofers

    Item(s) for Sale: 2x 12" Fi Q Dual 1-Ohm Subwoofers Item(s) Description/Condition: Purchased in 2008, used sparingly in the last four years. Powered by Audioque AQ2200D mono channel amplifier; I can't remember their RMS but I'm assuming it was somewhere between 1000-1200 watts. Price: $125...
  2. Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15" 4.72 cubes gross - 3.99net @ 29hz 6" Aero Kit from parts express.
  3. Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15" 4.72 cubes gross - 3.99net @ 29hz 6" Aero Kit from parts express.
  4. Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15" 4.72 cubes gross - 3.99net @ 29hz 6" Aero Kit from parts express.
  5. Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15"

    Fi Q 15" 4.72 cubes gross - 3.99net @ 29hz 6" Aero Kit from parts express.
  6. Ace87

    Fi Q 10" clicking sound at high excursion on low bass 25-30hz?

    I have a 10" Fi Q in a sealed 1.1net cuft enclosure. At high excursion near full tilt it makes a clicking or slapping sound on some notes with lower bass in roughly the 25-30 hz range, which sounds I guess similar to like tinsel leads slapping? As a reference, I will say that I've heard what...
  7. blazian87

    Which setup would be louder?

    I currently have 1 12" Fi Q fully loaded in a 2.5 cu ft ported box tuned to about 30hz. I'm thinking of going with 2 12" IDMAX v4's in 1.6 cu ft sealed for each because that is all I can fit. I'm looking for more SQ this time around but want it to be louder than the 1 12" I have. I cannot fit a...
  8. blazian87

    BNIB 15" Fi Q fully loaded and (2) TC Sounds Passive radiators VMP's 15" + Custom Box

    Item(s) for Sale: Brand New never opened Fully Loaded 15" Fi Q. Ice blue dust cap. Dual 2 ohm. Can easily handle 1500-1800 RMS. (2) 15" TC sounds Passive radiator VMP Brand new never opened. Custom PR box made by Dave the Box guy. (you can look him up on youtube or facebook) Brand new never...
  9. R

    Wtb: Fi q/bl 12"

    Looking to buy a FI Q/BL 12" must be dual 2 ohm. Might consider a 10" if it has the right options. Feel free to post or PM
  10. Mboyle1145

    Any suggestions on one beastly 12 to run in a sealed box?

    Im looking to run one 12 in a sealed box. I have a T1000bd amp to run it and it wil be going in the place of my back seat in my truck. I think ported would be a little much because of the lack of airspace in my truck cab so i was thinking sealed for tighter bass. Any suggestions on a sub that...
  11. T

    an 08' Fi SSD 15" D2 with Flatwind Coil For a Fi Q 15" D1 or D2 with Cooling/Flatwind

    i know its a downgrade, but i'd figured if someone wanted something less, why not try? 9/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechnically refer to my only reference for credibility. does not come with enclosure. small scruff on the surround
  12. Somchine13

    Help guys! I think FI Q is mess up...

    Not sure but after I took the sub out of my car and hook it up to my bro's amp in his bedroom, I noticed the sub sounds weird. I guess I didn't catch this because I don't like loud music and probably didn't hear the slapping noise. You guys can check out the video here, the quality is not all...
  13. emilimo701

    Fi Q T/S parameters

    just wondering the average specs for the Q subwoofers with the high qts option. My email to them got bounced back telling me to go away unless I had an order or recone issue.
  14. ezekial130

    (2) 12" Fi Qs D1

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) 12" Fi Qs D1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Both are in fine working condition. One sub has a hole in the surround which has been siliconed and does not affect the SQ or sub at all. Pictures on photobucket show oxidation of the magnets, but the majority of it has been...
  15. Why So Cereal?

    Fi Q 18 for good 4 channel amp

    I have an Fi Q 18. it needs a recone. motor and basket in excellent condition!!! dual 2 ohm sub. want to trade for a nice 4 channel amp or a good class-d sub amp(only mainstream brands) or a nice 5 channel. basically anything but a 2 channel amp. sub amp must be atleast 800rms at 2 ohms. on...
  16. Why So Cereal?

    FS: 18" Fi Q asking $125

    Item(s) for Sale: 18" Fi Q Subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: anyone can vouch that this is a good sounding sub. mine, though, has a burnt voice coil (just on one side) and i dont really want to recone it so my loss is your gain. sub is fully loaded (all options) dual 2 ohm sub...
  17. Qbenjamin

    FS/FT Fi Q 10" D2 w/BP (Only trade 4 Xbox 360)

    As the title states, I have an absolutely mint condition Fi Q 10" D2 for sale The subwoofer doesn't even have a speck of dust/dirt on it. The cois sit perfectly at 1.6ohms (2). It hasn't been used in over a year, but it has been fully tested to make sure that its still in optimal condition...
  18. Why So Cereal?

    2 JL 13.5s vs 6 JL 8's

    Ok so I need new subs since my FI Q 18" blew up on me and i dont really feel like reconing it. (btw its for sale pm me). I want a JL audio sub setup now. So I am looking into some w7 8's (however many can fit across, guessing 4-6) or 2 jl w3 13.5s or 2 JL w6 13.5s. Either setup will be ported...
  19. Somchine13

    Bottom of subwoofer box was soaked with water for at least 1-2 hours.

    After washing my car, 2 hours later I decided to go and grab something from the back trunk. I realized the bottom of the sub box is wet. I check the bottom and it seems kind of soft, don't know maybe it's just me. Do you guys think it will affect the box at all when it dries up?
  20. Why So Cereal?

    Need a new Amp for my 18 asap!

    so as of now i have a cadence dakota...2400 max, (supposedly 1200 rms) amp on my fi q 18 (dual 2 ohm)... basically it does nothing for the sub at all. and the amp will get hot as eff and then shut off. to even get the amp to do anything i have to crank the gain near all the way up and the bass...
  21. Why So Cereal?

    Cadence not doing it for me

    i have a FI Q 18 fully loaded in 5 cubes sealed. i have to pretty much max out the level on the amp and all bass boosts to get the sub to even move like its supposed to. Its running off a 800 amp batcap. so i dont think power is the problem. but the sub def seems to need more and i dont want to...
  22. Why So Cereal?

    Sub keeps bottoming out

    ok so i have a FI Q 18" (fully loaded) off a cadence dakota 1200x1 rms amp. on certain songs and after played for a while, the sub will bottom out on certain songs. (i was told that weird noise was bottoming out) ive searched n searched but all the ones i found were discussing ports...i have a...
  23. Why So Cereal?

    Help!!! Scion TC FI Q 18

    here's the deal. i have a FI Q 18 in about 5 cubes sealed in my scion tc. running off of a Cadence Dakota 2400 maxx...1200 rms @ 1 ohm amp. Today we metered it and I got about 138.9 dbs...which isnt horrible but definitely isnt good. I want to get to around 150dbs. Someone suggest a bass...
  24. Somchine13

    Fi Q and prefab sealed box

    Noob question: Hopefully I'll get answers here, but would a prefab sealed box from ebay work just fine? This is the spec of the box. Dimensions in inches: 13.5" Width x 13.5" Height x 13.75" Top depth x 13.75" Bottom Depth Volume per sub: 1.0 cubic feet. Mounting Depth: up to 13.75
  25. Somchine13

    Fi Q and prefab sealed box

    Noob question: Would a prefab sealed box from ebay work just fine? This is the spec of the box. Dimensions in inches: 13.5" Width x 13.5" Height x 13.75" Top depth x 13.75" Bottom Depth Volume per sub: 1.0 cubic feet. Mounting Depth: up to 13.75
  26. M

    Alpine IDA-X100, FI Q 12", Infinity 475A

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine IDA-X100 Head unit FI Q 12" DUAL 2 OHMS Infinity 475a Item(s) Description/Condition: Alpine IDA-X100 works 100%. I got a great deal on a touch screen so i got it and now i have no need for this, I got this brand new a couple yrs ago for $300+ FI Q 12" Dual 2 ohms...
  27. 50 black guys

    Looking to buy 1000-2000rms amp

    I need an amp for a Fi Q 15" 2ohm DVC driver. I'm not willing to spend 500$ or more I'm looking for good SQ and reliability
  28. 50 black guys

    Amp for Fi Q. Quick opinions?

    What amp(s) would you recommend for a Fi-Q 15" (2ohm DVC) going into a sealed box? I'm looking for: -Good SQ - -Maybe something used for -reliable -1000-2000rms (how much can the Q handle? You could even point me out to a specific amplifier at a good price Thanks a lot people.
  29. J

    Fi Audio Q 12" Dual 2 Ohm & Hifonics Brutus 1606D 1600 Watt Amp, LOOKS BRAND NEW!

    I'm selling my nearly new Fi audio Q 12" Dual 2 Ohm Sub. I bought it new from Fi audio last fall for $260. I used it for about 2 weeks and sold the truck. It's been sitting in my basement ever since. It has the brushed alloy dustcap decal. This sub is practically brand new. I'm asking $215...