enclosure help

  1. D

    Need a 10" ported box recommendation.

    Hi, I'm in need of an enclosure recommendation. I will soon be upgrading my JL Audio w0's to w3v3's. I want to go ported and I've looked at JL audios website specs for the subs but I can't seem to find a decent box that fits the specs. Thanks
  2. Z

    Box recommendations?

    Currently I have a bbox that’s alright but I know my subs(SDR’s) can hit harder than they are. Could anyone tell me if either of these enclosures are worth it? First is $212 and carpeted one is $160. Or does anyone have any other recommendations?
  3. G

    15" adire brahma

    I just got this sub and I need to know the dimensions of a ported box I'm going to build. I have an 06 grand prix
  4. Ace87

    Life After Bass - Santa Ana, California? Anyone ever heard of this company?

    Due to limited resources (tools and $) I can't build my own sub enclosure, or pay someone hundreds and who knows how many more hundreds of dollars for someone to build one for me. I ran across this company based in Santa Ana, California called Life After Bass (L.A.B) that builds a custom...
  5. D

    I need a box design for 3 12's, or just advice

    I already have two type R's in my hatchback, need more bass, addiction is winning. But I'm still balling on a budget. A i don't really have steady cashflow budget. I've got like $150 bucks to play with and what better then another Type R! ha anyways, wanna squeeze another one in my hatchback...
  6. C

    need help for enclosure design for a 15" kicker comp vr for best spl

    Vehicle :97 honda accord sedan Location in the vehicle:trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height):current box dimensions are 36"x18"x17" Subwoofer make and model:kicker comp vr Subwoofer Size:15" Number of Subwoofers:1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.):slot What type of music...
  7. M

    walled or trunk ported

    i really dont know about walled that much i was wondering which 1 is better or louder i a car walled or trunk ported
  8. K

    Ported box recommendation for 15" hdc3

    I just got a 15" Audioque hdc3 and I am going to get all new everything to run with that. Im guessing the box would be the next step. I have a 2003 ford explorer sport xlt and it has a relatively big area for a box. I am lost as to what size ported box to use and what frequency to have it be...
  9. C

    2000 mercury mystique-first ever custom install and need advice

    I am installing a system from front to back and need some advice. Its a 2000 mercury mystique(trunk car) and I'm not completely ignorant at this stuff just don't know some of the more intricate details. I will list what I have and have done then what I think I need to get and do. From there is...
  10. CRSO

    Escalade ESV Cargo Area Enclosure Build

    I'm buying a 2003-2004 Escalade ESV very soon when a clean one comes to auction... I need the dimensions to build an enclosure for my 18" havocs but don't have the truck yet. Would anybody happen to know the dimensions of the cargo area behind the 3rd row seat that I have to work with? I want...
  11. tundra1221

    need help designing my blow thru enclosure for my truck

    ok so i have a box 17" deep 49" wide 23 1/2" tall tuned to 35hz with 4" port..... then i have a box/port on the face of that that is 4" wide (inside diameter).... the idea was to increase cone space with 3 15" subs and increase box space while still using only a 1000watt rms amp. but my question...
  12. brooklynjoy2008

    3 12" subs in trunk?

    So I am new to the world of competitive car audio and have done hours upon hours of research and I save the hardest for last. I have a 2000 alero with plenty of trunk space, I have 3 mofo 124x's they need 2 cf each and I wanted to do sub back port back with slot ports to help brace the box but...
  13. fisubsaregross

    Enclosure for 18" FI BTL N2

    I need to build a nice enlosure 4.5 cubes to 8.0 cubes for my Fi 18" BTL N2. Problem is, I don't know how to build a box and tune it to 35 hertz. I've got a Mazda 3 sedan so my room to play in my trunk is 30 width, 36 depth, and 18 height. Can anyone help me design a box with a round or slit...