1. T

    COMPLETED Eclipse CD-8445 For Sale - 8V Preouts - $100

    Looking to get $100 for this timeless audiophile grade head unit. My ebay account has 326 positive feedback. Original owner, was $600 new from Custom Sounds. Amazing 8V Preouts, Audiophile Grade sound quality! Excellent 7 Band Parametric Equalizer and Timing Correction. Comes with Remote...
  2. tommydh

    Eclipse CD7200MKII

    Can someone verify that the CD7200MKII is  deadhead Unit with pre amp only?  I he read the manual and I thought it was but it had speaker leads coming out.
  3. S

    Cone area with high roll surrounds..

    I recently purchased 2 zvx-15s and it occurred to me that most SPL subs have a large, high excursion, surround that is 2-3" wide. Thus subtracting from the useable cone area. Many moons ago when it was Rockford Fosgate, alpine, JL, and so on.... the surrounds were 1/2" wide, 1" at the most when...
  4. D

    Eclispe sw6123.4 12s in box ran by 30wX2 alpine amp

    I just knew this amp wouldn't push my subs anyone have any clue why this is working so well I installed a line outlet converter on my factory cy17f radio in my versa hatchback these two subs are knocking pretty hard can anyone tell me what else I can do to maybe clean the sound up a little
  5. P

    WTB any and all size Eclipse Titanium subs!!

    Looking to build a system, please let me know if anyone has these subs. Thanks!
  6. cooper1123

    High End Eclipse Head Units

    Item(s) for Sale: 1. Eclipse CD7200 mkii 2. Eclipse CD5000 Item(s) Description/Condition: 1. Great shape, USB acts up from time to time but does have RCA AUX and I will throw in a RCA to AUX Knu Konceptz cord, 8 volt preouts, 3 way active, copper chassis, early bluetooth, does not come with...
  7. D

    12" Eclipse Titanium Subwoofer for sale!

    Item(s) for Sale: Eclipse Titanium 12" subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: I would like to sell this sub because i no longer use it. I payed $450 for this and its the single best subwoofer that i have ever owned, and i've owned quite a few. It has minor wear and tear relative to me having...
  8. S

    Aux 105 input for Eclipse CD5425 - no right side sound!

    Hello All, I bought a car with an eclipse CD5425 head unit a couple months back. Overall, the stereo works well and I am very pleased with the sound. In trying to install an auxiliary hookup for phones, ipods, etc., I have now bought two aux 105 cables, much like this one: Car...
  9. A

    Eclipse AVN7000 7" BlueTooth/DVD/MP3/Navigation -NICE SQ!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: Eclipse AVN7000 7" DVD/MP3/Navigation Item(s) Description/Condition: Long description: Hi, I have an Eclipse cd-player head unit that I am selling. It has a nice 7" screen and plays DVD movies, mp3 cd's, AND has voice-guided navigation built in! It also has a 20GB internal...
  10. supereikenator

    2005 Eclipse Head Unit!

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Looks to be in good shape, Eclipse is the brand and the model is CD 5405. Good shape, still works, just tested it. It's all there! Price: Honestly, not sure what is worth, I've been told $80-$120 so I'll go $80 plus shipping OBO. Shoot me a...
  11. VerTigo456

    12" sub for my vette

    Hey guys, Second guessing myself and was hoping for some advice. I have a 2001 convertible corvette. Currently I have a Massive Audio NX5 that is powering the front component and rear coaxials. I bought an Eclipse 12" Sub back in the day, I believe a 97121 DVC 4ohm? Anyways, I am going to...
  12. CaptainMaximus

    Anybody heard of this Memphis Audio "Mojo Mat" ???

    Just bought some of this Memphis Audio "Mojo Mat" from a local dealer. He said I would be the first one to buy some anywhere around here since it came out less than a week ago so I took a chance and bought it, since I had been planning on doing sound deadening very soon anyway. I purchased a...
  13. maintrain

    Eclipse 15" Titanium SW9152

    Item(s) for Sale: Eclipse 15" Titanium SW9152 Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent Condition. Never seen power. Price: $350 plus shipping OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Bought this beast from ciaonzo a couple years ago and have never used it. I'm sure all of you know...
  14. C

    Eclipse CD3200 HU screen help please!!!

    I recently purchased an Eclipse CD3200 and about 20 minutes into messing with the EQ and such after the install, the screen started to fade slowly until it was all black. Now, the 4 main buttons work, but the screen is black. After checking and double checking to make sure that it wasn't...
  15. F

    My Eclipse PA5422 Passed Away

    Well Guys I am an Eclipse Products Lover and a few days my Eclipse AMP PA5422 didn't turn on at all after 6 years. One day I took my 07 Tahoe to the dealer to get my carpet cleaned and when I picked my SUV up I didn't turn the radio at all but next morning i was like WTF!, I cheked fuses and the...
  16. Wingman0121

    Eclipse DV3101 Hideaway DVD player

    1. Product: Eclipse DV3101 DVD player with original packaging and accessories. 2. Specs: Tiny DVD player that should fit just about anywhere. 3. Description/Condition: Store demo, does have some hairline scratches on the case (face is perfect) and blemishes on the remote but they are pretty...
  17. Wingman0121

    Pair of Eclipse 80201 extended range tweeters in original box

    1. Product: A pair of Eclipse 80201 center channel speakers 2. Specs: Please view the last photo for complete T/S parameters 3. Description/Condition: New in box, I hooked them up to make sure it works and they sound awesome, one of the best-sounding tweeters that I've ever heard. Not too...
  18. destined2race

    Kenwood DDX-318 Double Din

    Item(s) for Sale: Kenwood DDX-318 Double Din Headunit. Item(s) Description/Condition: Chassis Size Code - DD CEA-2006 Compliant -No RMS Power Output - 22 watts Peak Power Output - 50 watts RMS Power Bandwidth - 20-20kHz Preamp Outputs 4-channel Preamp Voltage -4 volts Subwoofer Preamp...
  19. therock0720

    Tweeter Install

    Hey Guys, I'm doing an install of some new JL Audio C5-650 components in my 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I was wondering if anyone had any install pictures of where they placed their tweeters? Hopefully somewhere other than the factory location on the dash... Thanks!!
  20. G

    Eclipse Aluminium 10" 4ohm SVC SW8102.4 - $100

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 - Eclipse 10" 4ohm SVC SW8102.4 subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: This is a well loved but used subwoofer. There are a few dings on this sub from being in my trunk. The speaker still works wonderfully and POUNDS!!! 500W RMS 1000W Peak Single Voice Coil 4 ohm...
  21. resko1

    Resko1's Sundown/Atomic Metro*video's*

    Random vids. Build is..... 98 Chevy Metro LSi Eclipse CD7000 HU US Amps USA-200x for front stage CDT M6's in the kicks, CDT TW23 in the fr doors Aura NS6's in the rear kicks, CDT TW25 on the rear panel Atomic AT-7000.1d 8-Sundown SA8's in 6cu tuned to 33hz with a single 8" aeroport 4-...
  22. destined2race

    Eclipse 6600 Navigation/DVD/5v

    Item(s) for Sale: Eclipse 6600 Double Din Item(s) Description/Condition: Very nice shape, Original Box. Only missing the cd changer harness. Did not get optional remote orignially. $1999.99 Retail new. only a few years old, works flawlessly.. Here are the specs: DVD/CD player with...
  23. A

    Eclipse CD7000 For Sale w/ IPOD adapter

    I have a Eclipse CD7000 for sale with the IPC-106 ipod adapter. This is a great head unit that I used for 4 years in my previous car, had to remove because I sold the car. Here are some features: WMA & MP3 playback, memory stick slot, area shot, 7 band parametric EQ/X-Over/Time alignment...
  24. my ride

    my ride

    My back before getting re done
  25. My ride

    My ride

  26. My ride

    My ride

  27. TBH1

    F/S: TRF, Atomic, Eclipse, SoloX Motors

    Item(s) for Sale: Blacktop TRF Motor 4"VC 2-Atomic APXX 856 3"VC Eclispe 8812DVC 3"VC 2-SoloX 18" basket and motors 3.5"VC i do belive Item(s) Description/Condition: TRF- Mint condition, my buddy put the RF sticker on it. No chips or dings APXX- No chips or dings. Eclipse- No chips...
  28. Zeuslicious

    SOLD FS: Mint Eclipse Ti 12" **Pics**

    1. Product: Eclipse Titanium 12" Sub   2. Specs: 1500w rms, D 4ohms   3. Description/Condition: MINT... Bought it a couple of years ago and I've been saving it since then, I just don't need it   4. Price: $250 Plus real shipping, No Trades, Got what I need. (13x15x15, 91910)   5...
  29. Wingman0121

    SOLD Two 12" custom TC/Eclipse SW9122 subwoofers, Audiopipe AP30001D & large ported box

    Item(s) for Sale: Two dual 2-ohm 12" TC Sounds/Eclipse SW9122 subwoofers with QCA, Audiopipe AP30001D(AP-30001D) and a slot ported box Item(s) Description/Condition: All are near-mint and works great, I took them out before this winter because it gets so cold here that I can't even enjoy it...
  30. audio_phill

    SOLD Eclipse Da5422 Mint

    1. Product: Eclipse PA-5422 2. Specs: 85rms x 4 @ 4 3. Description/Condition: Mint, looks new. I got it from Nando7979 a while back to put with one of my DA-7232's I had but they are gone and so are the comps this was going to run. 4. Price: : $140 shipped 5. Pictures:
  31. LiveAudio911

    SOLD Budget 12" Bass Package Sub + Amp + Box=Ready to bump...Need to sell!

    I have the budget System out of my wife's Jeep she no longer has up for sale, really need to sell so make some offers! Here is whats up for grabs.. 12" Infinity Reference DVC 300rms 1200 max Currently wired at 2 ohm on... Eclipse XA1000 Mono Class D amp.. 480rms @ 2ohm... Hatch box This is...
  32. R

    Pioneer Amp, blowing multiple subwoofers..

    Ok so I'm kind of pissed first of all that I spent a lot of time typing this out already like 4 days ago and it never even posted on the site.. so I'll try again but a quick explanation. My Pioneer amp keeps blowing subwoofers, gone through three, below is the power ratings and what I'm using...
  33. TBH1

    SOLD FS: Eclipse titanium & 8812TIDVC motor

    Eclipse titanium 12" $250 Shipped OBO D3.3VC, clear coat on cone is wearing off, other than that in great shape, Noticed that speaker terminals are a little loose. 8812TIDVC motor $130 Shipped OBO Also have an Eclipse titanium basket(same as pictured) May entertain Trades/Partial trades for...
  34. E

    Alpine Type R vs Eclipse Titanium vs Eclipse Aluminum (12")

    I currently have a 12" Type R ported and tuned to 33 hz and it sounds great, but I am also looking for ways to make things sound better. Lately, I've come across a few deals for an Eclipse 12" Aluminum and an Eclipse 12" Titanium. I don't mind spending the cash to swap out woofers, but I wanted...
  35. N

    SOLD Complete car audio system for sale or trade: Eclipse,JL audio and Boston Acoustic

    For sale complete car audio system that I paid $2000.00 for new. Everything is in perfect working condition. This system is loud and crisp. I sold the vehicle that this audio was installed in and have no use for it now. I would like cash but will take a trade for a Laptop with blueray player and...
  36. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD 2 12" eclipse motor/baskets

    selling 2 motors and baskets both from the same eclipse subs. not really sure on the model or anything but if anyones interested throw me an offer. also open to trades.
  37. fujitsu ten eclipse

    fujitsu ten eclipse

    also free
  38. Eclipse AVN-7000

    Eclipse AVN-7000

    The Most Gangsta **** Eva!!!
  39. My Eclipse Aluminum 12's

    My Eclipse Aluminum 12's

    Two eclipse SW7124DVC T-2 12's in a 1.5 Cuft Ported Enclosure, Hifonics Brutus BX1500D amp, Optima Yellowtop, 200 amp isolator, Dynamat Extreme, Stinger and JL wiring, Crimestopper Paging Alarm
  40. Eclipse CD8454 Night Shot

    Eclipse CD8454 Night Shot